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Filming Pics of "The Powerpuff Girls"


Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, and Yana Perrault, and Donald Faison have started filming in Atlanta
Tags: behind the scenes, television - cw

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SCREAMING. The colors are pretty, especially the blue and pink. Still hoping this gets picked up to series!
i see they picked up the costumes at spirit halloween
I just came in here to say this looks like bad cosplay. I was hoping for more subtlety or at the very least a fucking costume budget
okay! like wtf is this
rue 21*
yeah this looks cheap cheap
lmaoooo they look terrible i will def be watching the pilot
This is gonna suck massively
I don't care about this show BUT if they kill Professor off just to reunite the girls I will be MAD.
Umbrella Academy teas
i love it
I have such a soft spot for him.

Re: Professor Utonium


6 months ago

Black don't crack.
Lmao I like that he's having fun at least
um is that not teen witch?????
stop he looks so cute.
This is not the look I hope
those dresses are very 2014.
What in the straight male fantasy hell is this?
what in drag race acting challenge hell is this
lol at this comment and the one directly above it!
These pics are giving me "David E.Kelley does Wonder Woman" vibes.
Looks cheap. The green is the wrong shade. I've seen cosplayers put more effort in.
That's what I don't understand between this and the 101 Dalmations. If the costume designer is that lazy, why not go full sloth and google cosplayers and erase the watermark?
Atlanta? I guess CW already had a deal to shoot there because of Dynasty
I fully expected them to film in Vancouver so the news that they were filming in Atlanta threw me when it was revealed a few weeks ago.
Same! I'm so glad they escaped the Vancouver-CW shooting curse
vancouver is turning into a covid variant hotspot so better for them to avoid that lmao...
I think they may move more productions there. Stargirl and Black Lightning both shoot there. If Painkiller gets picked up, I imagine that'd shoot there as well.


6 months ago

Naomi (another CW show) is also filming in the metro Atlanta area: https://decaturish.com/2021/04/dc-comics-show-naomi-filming-in-the-decatur-square/
I feel like if the GA legislature doesn't repeal their own bill soon, not many people will be shooting there.
I've seen better costumes on Etsy.
Wow that costume looks cheap lol


April 7 2021, 22:42:04 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 22:42:22 UTC

This looks bad. Who asked for this?
that looks actually terrible
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