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Filming Pics of "The Powerpuff Girls"


Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, and Yana Perrault, and Donald Faison have started filming in Atlanta
Tags: behind the scenes, television - cw

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wow this is really lazy
something about the pic makes me think of dua lipa's coachella awkward choreography/hip dancing gif. and yet the picture has more energy than dua in motion.
This looks like it’s so bad that it could be good. If it’s a straight up cheesy comedic superhero show it couldddd work maybe.
those dresses are terrible
y'all i legit snorted on my tea when i saw that "flying"


April 8 2021, 02:32:28 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 02:32:45 UTC

guys Professor X is a single father supporting 3 daughters. He probably has limited funds. I mean he does experiments at home. He's not pulling a salary. Cut him some slack
Lmao noooo
Can’t wait to hate watch this
Wtf did they use pillowcases from Walmart to make those outfits?
screaming. this has to be the result of an upcoming project runway challenge. 5 minutes to spend at mood and blind folded while sewing.
well frankly this is to be expected lmao
Lollllssss looks budget.
who asked for this
why do they look like adult women

who asked for this
Creepy. They wouldn't be wearing those dresses grown up.
That’s what gets me. If this is a prologue flashback from their childhood then why aren’t child actors playing the part — and if this is them going back to their jobs as ~gritty adults then no way in fuck would they be wearing these outfits
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