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Filming Pics of "The Powerpuff Girls"


Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, and Yana Perrault, and Donald Faison have started filming in Atlanta
Tags: behind the scenes, television - cw

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those costumes. oof.

at least they don't have the stereotypical shitty cw wigs... yet?
Oh NO.

There was an artist rendition with cooler outfits that had Blossom in some high-waisted pleated skirt and a collared shirt and I always liked taht.
Yeah they really should’ve gone harder with personalizing the styles. They honestly could’ve been in streetwear but just all their respective colors and it would’ve looked cooler. Imagining a preppy Blossom, grunge Buttercup and cutesy Bubbles would be fun! I hope they have distinct casual styles and also that they ALWAYS wear their color schemes lol.
they did a better job than Winx's costuming department, but that bar is on the floor.
i hate the costumes. the waist band reminds me of the 2000s 'wear a giant waist belt over everything' trend.
Uh huh. The dark one is buttercup. Ok.
oh this looks bad
Absolutely not
looks like regular girls in halloween costumes tbh lol
Dove looks like she's already regretting it
lol and they're filming in atlanta? like right now?! oof

it could work if it were like an in universe joke that they had to wear cheap powerpuff girl costumes
like their clothes got covered in blood and they had to change into the first things they found because they had dinner with the professor and his new girlfriend

or something idk how else to justify this mess
This is basic as hell
this looks awful lol
This looks horrible.
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