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Filming Pics of "The Powerpuff Girls"


Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, and Yana Perrault, and Donald Faison have started filming in Atlanta
Tags: behind the scenes, television - cw

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Oh... no...
I didn't expect them to actually wear the original dresses.... this looks so cheap
this is prob gonna be the opening scene of them in action and vibrant only for the next scene to be them as their gritty adult messy selves
yep- i also predict this
Did you see the flying pic??? I literally cannot believe this is a legit production
this looks terrible which means it'll get at least six seasons and a spinoff
Please, we don't need another pretty little liars show!
i mean the original dresses were pretty cheap too tbh! 3 block lines isn't much to work w/!
Im guessing they will get quality costumes by the end of the shoot.
Their dresses look like they’re cheap off the rack items that haven’t even been tailored for them wtf
This better be a dream sequence or something.
I feel like this could have worked as a comedy. The fact that they're taking it seriously.... lol.

I'm still waiting to see who they cast as my boy Ace.
Yeah this def could've been interesting on comedy central or something. Ugh, the snl people are gonna spoof this
wow no lol
When did the ppg stop airing? Just wondering the audience for this. I'm 30 and I barely remember it.
pretty sure it's still airing
the original aired from 98 to 05!
Lmao I hope these aren’t the genuine costumes, what is this. At least give them Totally Spies style bodysuits and make one of them joke that at least they aren’t wearing the dresses anymore or smth.
they really said... "make it work" lol
Costume department only had 1 hour and $200 to spend in the fabric store.
It’s like a drag race queen with no sewing experience put it together hahahaha
you're telling me no store on earth had better looking dresses? i've bought better fabric from shein.
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