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Caitlyn Jenner goes viral on TikTok for singing Kesha's TikTok on The Masked Singer

ICYMI, Caitlyn Jenner was on the current season of The Masked Singer and was unmasked/eliminated two weeks ago. A video of her singing Kesha's TikTok after her unmasking is now going viral on TikTok with 3M+ views and counting (the above is a rip since TikTok embeds don't work on ONTD).

Her is her full performance before her unmasking if you want to listen more.

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Tags: kardashian / jenner, the masked singer (fox), viral

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April 7 2021, 22:33:48 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 22:34:07 UTC

Omg y'all when my sister and I were watching this live and she started singing we died with laughter. Everyone else was not only good at singing but it was a little hard to say who they were. But Caitlyn?? We knew it right away and it was so funny, she is a TERRIBLE singer lol
I mean this is hilarious, but yeah, I think this is the first time that the voice was completely obvious who it was. Like, I feel like they autotune/manipulate a lot of the voices on this show, but they really just wheeled her out and pushed her under the bus. lol
Wendy Williams tho
shows like this and DWTS always throw in a couple of really bad contestants for the shits and giggles and make everyone else look good. They always never last past the 3rd week of the show but by then you are entertained and invested in the "pros"
Future governor of California
Don't manifest it.
That comic who tweeted this is hella funny, def recommend checking her out.

I watched this episode and was just like... yikes. Why would they let her do that to herself.
hasn't kesha suffered enough?
Is this gonna give me spyware somehow?
The sound of her singing voice gave me spyware and I’m not even a computer. 😩


April 7 2021, 22:39:55 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 22:47:44 UTC

Tried watching s1.. these shows are obv fake and manufactured but this was on a whole other level lmao it's like they didn't even try??

edit: i'm talking about the fact the panel of judges obviously know whos behind the masks or at the least have a list of ppl to choose from


April 7 2021, 22:49:41 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 22:50:41 UTC

I actually fell into a YouTube hole watching performances and I like seeing singers singing other artists songs. The UK had NeYo singing Smells Like Teen Spirit and it's just fun.

I don't care about the hint and watching the hosts guessing and stuff, I like trying to guess during the performances on YouTube though.

My sister knows someone who works on the UK one (she works in television) and said that most people didn't know when they did them here. I wouldn't be surprised if the US judges do though.
yeah ive only seen s1 of the us version. i remember being like how in the world are the judges even coming up with guesses for most of these ppl who could literally be anyone. i woulda never guessed oh that must be ricki lake or that sounds like rumer willis lol


3 months ago

yeah and it's so hilarious bc u have caitlyn coming out singing like this and the judges are all, "omg... could it b- is it... Mariah!?"
The Australian ones are funny when they have American judges as watching Lindsay Lohan trying to figure out who Marcia Hines is, is HILARIOUS


3 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago

the OG Korean version has lots of different celebs but they can all generally hold a tune even if they're like a famous chef

this was just 30 secs of her wheezing between the words "tik tok"
lmfaaaoooo i snorted through my nose and died laughing when clicking on that clip. XD
nothing will ever top

lmao i mean everyone guessed that one correctly i hope
Oh my godddd
good for ha!
this is honestly kind of iconic
omg this is what that sound on tiktok is from?! lmfao.


April 8 2021, 00:22:37 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 00:23:45 UTC

This would SO be Linda Belcher on The Masked Singer omg

~a lil vampin~
a little vamping
I memorized the Tik Tok audio for it and sing it all the time lol

This was camp perfection
You are correct
oop @ me being out of touch, this is amazing 🤣
the SNORT omg
This is the best thing she’s ever done
Too bad Wendy sucks because she is very charismatic and entertaining
what did i just watch?
This is like when all those celebs were doing literal readings of Poker Face.

Only this was someone actually singing. :/

The show should be where they find celebs who actually can hold a tune and make it difficult to guess because they don't sound that bad.
She looks like she’s having fun, so I can’t hate on that. But that doesn’t change that she’s an out of touch rich white lady who can’t figure out why people say she’s an out of touch rich white lady.


April 7 2021, 22:59:33 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 22:59:55 UTC

Is Jenny McCarthy still on this fuckery or nah?
yeah, her and robin thicke are the worst.
they should replace them.
She's the whole fucking reason why I don't watch it - I refuse to give that autism demonizer antivaxxer the time of my fucking day.
yeah and danny trejo gave her a shout out for her work with special needs children


3 months ago

Dang, this was somehow so much worse than what I was even expecting.
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