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jamesir bensonmum

25 of the Vancouver Canucks test postive for Covid-19

- Last week one of the Canucks was pulled from practice after a COVID test came back positive. Their games were postponed for a week.
- The number of Canucks added to the NHL's COVID protocol quickly escalated (a player is added to the list if they've come into contact with anyone who may have tested positive) with more tests coming back as positive. Many of the team's family members have also tested positive. The wife of the first player to test positive has received a lot of hate online with fans blaming her for the outbreak.
- As of April 7, 21 players and 4 staff have tested positive with the source of the infection being a variant. It is believed that the cases are the P.1. variant as Vancouver has become the hotspot for it outside of Brazil.
- The NHL had previously said they still want to continue with the Canucks season but with the entire main roster in protocol, they'd have to recall players from their AHL team which also recently had to pause their season due to COVID.
- Several people in the NHL community are now calling for the season to either be postponed or to be moved to a bubble (which they should have been in to begin with).
- This is the largest outbreak in the NHL.

Tags: covid-19, sports / athletes - hockey

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