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Scott Rudin's Ex-Staffers Speak Out on Abusive Behavior

So this is an article that is worth a read but i will try my best to summarize some of the things this evil man put his staff through.

In 2012 he was mad one of his assistants failed to get him a seat on a sold out flight so he smashed an apple computer monitor on the asistants hand. The screen shattered and left the young man in need of immediate medical attention.

Another time he threw a glass bowl at a colleague, the bowl hit the wall and smashed everywhere. The colleague left in an ambulance due to a panic attack.

In 2018 he threw a baked potatoe at one of his assistant's head for not knowing why someone from Indie distributor A24 was in the office.

Ryan Nelson, who was one of Scott Rudin's executive assistants says he witnessed Scott Rudin throwing a stapler at a theater assistant and calling him a "retard".

"Every day was exhausting and horrific, not even the way he abused me, but watching the way he abused the people around me who started to become my very close friends. You're spending 14 hours a day with the same people, enduring the same abuse. It became this collective bond with these people." Says Nelson, who left the entertainment industry after dealing with Rudin.

Another assistant detailed a kitchen encounter with Rudin that devolved quickly: "He asked me to clean the kitchen. I told him, 'That's really not my job.' I had to do a bunch of other stuff that was urgent, the kitchen was not urgent. And then he flipped out, and he took his teacup, threw it, and it shattered and left a hole in the wall. I was like, 'I'm a human. This is a physical act of aggression.' "

Rudin would focus on hiring recent NYU grads because these are more prone to accept his abuse.

Whenever one of his assistants quit he goes to iMDb and takes away the credits they have accumulated while working for him.

Even after all of this, he still continues to work with the best. His next projects include Joel Coen's "The Tragedy of Macbeth", with Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand, and Jennifer Lawrence's "Red, White and Water", both for A24.
A24 says they have no first look deal with Rudin yet they do collaborate often with him.

I suggest you read the whole thing, since i only posted half of the things his staff say about him and his temper.

Source: https://twitter.com/THR/status/1379783599365443584

ONTD, do you think it's about time this minimaly talented spoiled brat psychopath gets cancelled?
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What a horrible person! I think I remember hearing inklings of him being terrible years ago but it was very brief.
"volcanic behavior"

First two examples are literally physical assaults that required IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION

That's a fucking felony, not a temper tantrum!
This is disgusting behavior. I've worked in toxic work environments before but never to the point of physical assault like this. These people are really brave to speak out.
In a 2005 Wall Street Journal profile with the headline "Boss-zilla!," Rudin himself pegged the number of assistants he burned through in the previous five years at 119.

lmfao okay so this man be a fucking psycho and everyone knew but apparently that's like, a twee anecdote about him. That's almost literally 2 assistants a month. This man is so monstrous people cannot stay in his employ longer than an average of 14 DAYS. Someone call the fucking police

Deleted comment

Check Indeed for media jobs in NYC, the two companies that ALWAYS have positions open are this guy and Fox News...
For real! I was about to comment the same thing. I remember applying for internships in college, 2012-2013, and there were constant job postings for an assistant position with Rudin. The postings always said you needed to "have a thick skin" and "be able to handle the pressure of the industry" and stuff like that. I thought maybe it was just taking them a long time to find the right person, but then a year later when I graduated and started freelancing, I'd still see the same posts all the time! I wouldn't be surprised if they were just constantly interviewing because the turn-over was that high.


6 months ago


6 months ago

I was going to comment about how when I was job hunting and getting emails from LinkedIn with open jobs, he was listed literally every day.
i only recognize 3 but they're all the worst of the worst so i don't really wanna recognize more
tbf, Sorkin is just a pretentious douche, not a creep afaik

Rudin blocking out the one woman onstage is also perfect
When Aaron comes off as a flawless prince in comparison to everyone else, that's...dire.
what's wrong with aaron sorkin? he's just pretentious
Well this is horrific. The time he broke a monitor over someone’s hand and they required immediate medical attention and someone else had ambulance come to work, that didn’t get to the higher ups at all?? Like was there any investigations at all? Nobody filed charges? I’m
Just stunned that someone physically hurting their employees would go without any kind of punishment
And i'm sure the victim felt as if they were to press charges they'd "never work in this town again" :(
Oh for sure! I’m not trying to blame the victims at all, it’s just like man how horrible must have been the culture for all this terrible abuse over all these years and all these different people and not one time was an incident report filed or higher ups got involved?! I hope his victims receive some sort of compensation

In 2018 he threw a baked potatoe at one of his assistant's head for not knowing why someone from Indie distributor A24 was in the office.


ok but fr fr this one's a fucking psycho. he smashed a monitor on someone's hand??? jesus christ.
he's insane but i'm laughing at the OP spelling potato like that & then I saw the OP's username

I worked for a production manager who screamed at me and everyone else in the office. She also had a "that was stupid" button ala Staples she would push whenever she didn't like what someone said I guess.

Truly the worst boss I've ever had and she should never work in film. She's one of 2 people I use the word "cunt" for.

Deleted comment

Yeah she was and probably still is a huge loser.
The whole article is just terrifying. I wonder if this will just get swept under the rug by other executives bc he targeted and bullied assistants, not mega-famous ppl


April 7 2021, 21:02:02 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 21:03:08 UTC

I worked as a PA for a film production company and it was an amazing experience. But I never did any more work in the film industry beyond that. I’m not surprised with how much shit people get away with because every office job I’ve had since then has had men acting like pigs with hardly any repercussions for their actions.
late but your comment speaks to me

Also v interesting how not a day goes by without me seeing the word “Karen” banded about to put down a woman whether merited or not but no such word to describe abusive men in professional settings who get away with murder hmmmmmmt
This behavior is pervasive, at my old job one of the partners threw a book at their assistant in rage and HR said it was "because he was diabetic"... like wtf. It's such bullshit how money literally dictates how assholes are tolerated or not.
I interned for him a looooooong time ago. He was much nicer to the interns cos he knows we're working for free basically, but this guy was anal AF. There was a very specific process to handing him scripts where the stack of printouts had to be EXACTLY flushed on all sides and then you had to hit the gold thumbtacks in the spine with a mallet so it was tightly bound. But yeah it was a super tense environment and he yelled all day long. One of the assistants, Eli Bush, at the time did a good job kissing ass though and now he's like a big-time producer.
What’s flushed ?

And like a process for handing him scripts 😒omg get over yourself dude.

like lined up exactly on all sides with no ridges what.so.ever. he'd make you redo them if it was even the slightest bit off

Deleted comment

He’s a producer.

Deleted comment


6 months ago

Deleted comment

the sony emails were funny but also like, it's not hard to look at those and believe that he's a deeply unpleasant person.

I've worked in some hella toxic environments (I mean lbr who hasn't) but smashing a monitor over someone's hand… I hope they sued the shit out of him.
The monitor is beyond. BEYOND. Everyone must be scared of him, fuck!
my industry is known for being ~informal so I've seen all manner of screaming, yelling, ghosting, the occasional on-the-clock drug use but jesus christ, those big mac monitors are SOLID – he would have had to use a lot of force to SHATTER one on someone's fucking hand. it really is beyond.


April 7 2021, 22:19:54 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 14:12:13 UTC

Yeah it would take less than that for me to file charges....everyone’s gonna know about you and your undignified , uncivilized (is that redundant) behavior.

Way too much to tolerate- it’s time to migrate.

I've heard stories about this guy for years. Glad he's finally going down.
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