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Scott Rudin's Ex-Staffers Speak Out on Abusive Behavior

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Source: https://twitter.com/THR/status/1379783599365443584

ONTD, do you think it's about time this minimaly talented spoiled brat psychopath gets cancelled?
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My friend was an intern for him back in the early 00's and Scott threw a burrito at him cause the order was wrong.

I worked at studio and was on calls with him (listening in as the asst), he's a bully and a monster. The fact that nothing from the Sony hack stuck to him was absolutely disgusting.
What a fucking nightmare. My first job ever was with an asshole like this. It was a candy store....
it's revolting the types of behavior white men are allowed to get away with, and even revered for. a woman makes one small request and she is immediately labeled "difficult" and blacklisted for life.
I hope he gets haemorrhoids and every shit from this day forward is the size and shape of the average North American porcupine.
yea he sounds horrible, i've been hearing for a while that he was an asshole. Colman Domingo also tweeted this today and I'm assuming he was talking about Rudin.

Idk how assholes keep getting away with this. It's messed up
Our culture. Nobody wants to stand up to a bully(ies).
Fuck him and I hope all the other people who began to model their behavior after his get called out too.
How does it even get to this point? How does someone come to think this is acceptable in a work environment? Is he like this at home too?
Obviously, he is rich and powerful and I am ready to quit my job, but I don't even see how this behavior is productive. If I was screaming and throwing potatoes at people all day, I wouldn't get anything done.
He probably views himself as a Passionate Artist, adding "Energy" to his surroundings.

Or he just gets off on it. Or both.
There are very telling remarks in this article - how it was a spectacularly inefficient and dysfunctional way to run an office, how he used 10 people to get work done that should have been handled by 40, how nobody learned anything other than to cater to the whims of an abuser

I know several people who have worked for him. It was a given then if he screamed and you and fired you, you were to go wait down the street until he changed his mind and someone would call you to come back.
I've been hearing about him being an asshole for years but this is beyond anything I could've imagined
I had an employee who dealt with all criticism by throwing things and screaming at me until I cried, then talking to all his coworkers about how unprofessional (and weak and female) I was for crying.

My boss straight up called him abusive and told me she put me in charge of him because I was "the only person who can tell him no," but any time I tried to enforce disciplinary actions she would panic and let him off the hook. She was convinced he would quit and her business would fall apart without him because he was always yelling about how skilled/important he was.

Eventually everyone but him quit and her business fell apart. How sad.


April 7 2021, 23:17:33 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 00:46:05 UTC

Also wanted to add that Gawker called him out AGES ago and his one saving grace is that he hates Weinstein (they had a falling out) and liked to troll him


Edited to add: actual article - https://gawker.com/243908/new-yorks-worst-bosses-scott-rudin
What this lacks is star-power backing these people.

If more actors and or actresses (or producers with big names) came out this would be like the Weinstein ordeal.

However, the theater community is pretty pleased given how small it is and how he has a finger in a lot of Broadway shows.
Yikes. As ever, there were plenty of rumors, but it's worse than we all thought. Same with Weinstein, Spacey, Cosby, etc. I've long wondered if they don't let that happen as a weird kind of distraction? Like the rumors are so vague and common that people just go 'oh yeah, I heard he's kind of an asshole, whatever' and don't bother to dig any deeper because surely if it was that bad, we'd know, right? idk if that makes sense, but fuck 'em.

(I've been to several plays and screenings of movies he's produced, and they always had INSANELY strict rules about phones and not being allowed to come back if you use the bathroom, etc. I always kinda liked that, but it definitely hints @ a ridiculously controlling personality.)
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