Valerie (oldmoviesnstuff) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Iggy Azalea Leaked The DMs She Gets From Super-Famous Celebs

TikTok by @thenewclassic

Iggy Azalea posted this TikTok on Tuesday, where she danced in front of screenshots of creepy DMs she received from famous celebs. And people have already started figuring out who said what.

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Tags: iggy azalea, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), nobody

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but steve aoki already collab'd on a song with iggy? they even filmed a music video together? idgi
Lol @ men.
I'm sorry but I am fucking living for this

Reminder for the post that you can laugh with Iggy but still remember she is a horrible racist.

Yessssssss. Team Noone forever!
Men suck. Iggy's new song sucks and seems to be geared toward being eyecandy for men. I'm gonna assume her crap single is leading her to want to push her name which is why she released this.
I doubt that Iggy will get back into the mainstream and will no doubt be sustained by ‘Fancy’ cheques for the rest of her life so it’s not like she has a lot to lose if she names names.
Isn't Brooklyn Beckham a child? ffs
These dudes can get a video vixen or one of the other women in their own dms who want to be all over them but instead they stick to leaving creepy, unanswerable messages “I want to kiss the inside of your butthole” is anyone suppose to be turned on by this?!? Not especially while looking like Travis Scott
The last one is 🤮🤮🤮. What is it with men and thinking that being graphic and gross is the way to shoot their shot?
Famous men have no game. Travis Scott thinks saying something about her butt hole is a great pick up line?
I sent a DM to the DJ dude saying I'm up for a 15k talk and I can even wear lingerie. fingers crossed
good luck bb
I'll light a prayer candle for this endeavor!!
I gotta say, she's got some of the best plastic surgery in Hollywood. Her butt implants are pretty realistic compared to others
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