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Iggy Azalea Leaked The DMs She Gets From Super-Famous Celebs

TikTok by @thenewclassic

Iggy Azalea posted this TikTok on Tuesday, where she danced in front of screenshots of creepy DMs she received from famous celebs. And people have already started figuring out who said what.

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steve is down horrendously
i was confused on how they figure things out about who is who but i saw someone explaining it. either way i love to see men get called out.
these people should really apply for the fbi!!!!
it's the fbi who should be trying to recruit THEM tbh!
I saw something (on reddit?) about a recruiting event for CIA/FBI and half the people laughed and walked out when they said that applicants should have NEVER done drugs in their whole lives.


5 days ago


4 days ago

i read somewhere that the fbi and cia actually often recruit from the mormon population lol

many of them have 'clean' records (i.e., supposedly no alcohol/drugs, 'good schooling' and 'morals' (i guess more 'murica than most), and a lot of them speak another language from mission trips.
“I want to kiss the inside of your butt”. ???? Sir, chill out, that’s too much 🤮
Don’t you kink shame. That’s not who we are.
That’s exactly who we are tho 🤣
butt hole* even worse


5 days ago

"kiss the inside of your butt" what like daffy in space jam

lmao i wish i could read all the messages in full. men are so embarrassing


April 7 2021, 20:13:28 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 20:13:53 UTC

I haven't seen her in forever. She looks different but pretty! I think?
imagine being the person who wasted time & energy to check all the profiles of verified men who follow iggy bc I fucking wish I had the energy and discipline to waste my time on useless shit like that since these days I can't even find energy to do things I should be doing.
we're in the middle of a panera bread. people have TIME today
what about energy tho? time is easy, but i barely have energy to open my daily wine bottle
What about when you do something to procrastinate doing the thing you need to do?

Have to file my taxes? That's exactly when I would have the laser focus to verify this type of information.


5 days ago

idk i spent all of 2 minutes googling "top 200 instagram profiles" and checking who had 27m and 3k posts lol

what we should really be imagining is being one of these men messaging a woman, completely unsolicited, that they want to kiss the inside of her butthole
I'm not even hot and I regularly get 'Hi' from random men on instagram. I have like 100 followers and have had the account for less than a year and I'm not in the same country as these guys, what are they hoping to achieve, I don't even know. Is there some algorithm that suggests my account to often older, military, married or vaguely MAGA looking men?
You should tell them you’re in love or you want to meet their family and you have brakes for your kids, etc.


Tell them you charge interactions by the letter and send them a bill.
So, money, you say. 🤔 But, honestly, I don't get it, I don't have any bikini or sexy pics and half the pictures are of my cat or nature.


5 days ago


4 days ago

if they have military pictures they're probably catfishes lol. for some reason scammers in different countries really like to use american military dude pics


4 days ago

Wait! Did this I know he’s like 23 but I feel like he’s still 14 year old Brooklyn becks tell her he has 3 testicles!


Wow! All these men so sure of themselves! Wonder what that must be like.
I wish I knew tbqh. Male blind confidence is 1 part fascinating and 3 parts frightening/dangerous, like fire or something. I would love to help study it in hopes that we could one day cure it, but I’d need Jane Goodall levels of patience, understanding, and dedication...and the way my misandry is set up, especially in the past yr or so, I’d only be another source of bias mucking up the results lmao
Why wouldn't she just release their names? Why protect them if you're going to do this?
Is Brooklyn Beckham still engaged? because if he is and his fiancé allegedly pushed her nanny down some stairs...
Omg I forgot about the nanny thing!!!
Eek. Hilarious but disgusting.

Lemme stream Pretty Girls.
idk why she didn't just release the names lol
I'm a little surprised at the ONTDers "disappointed" in Aoki. Did he do something prior which now that warrants this shock at him being potentially in I-g-g-y's DMs?
Same. Like I get the message is a bit cringey but they all are and he’s at least offering to compensate her for her time!!
They have to be too young to remember/have seen the Cobrasnake era
What are we supposed to do with this information, besides be further fatigued with the knowledge that men suck and will continue to suck not only without consequence, but to great profit?

I get not naming names in this crapsack society, but I don't like it. Leaves me paranoid for a min, every time. The fact that these could come from any man is just depressing.
yeah like, go awf if that's what you want I guess, but without the names I'm kind of like.. eh, ok? l sadly expect nothing less from a famous woman's dms lol.
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