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Iggy Azalea Leaked The DMs She Gets From Super-Famous Celebs

TikTok by @thenewclassic

Iggy Azalea posted this TikTok on Tuesday, where she danced in front of screenshots of creepy DMs she received from famous celebs. And people have already started figuring out who said what.

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If that's Steve Aoki, it's disappointing and typical male ugh. Also is weird because they've worked together before. Brooklyn Beckham doesn't surprise me lol. And I want to know who sent the typical male Compliments You Then Insults You When They Don't Get The Response They Wanted.
also crying at that person's twitter handle being caseforthefbi
Isn’t Brooklyn Beckham engaged?
I’m not shocked that someone born in 1999 isn’t taking marriage seriously 😐
And I know that for men it means nothing when it comes to respect, but she is so gorgeous and he looks like a potato
IKR?!?? He should be fuckin grateful.
Seriously. I look at pics of David and Victoria and then him and I'm just like...that's the best y'all's genes could muster?


5 days ago


4 days ago


it's always the ones who are publicly fawning all over their SO and making it a point to constantly show how loved up they are that do the shadiest shit and can't be trusted


5 days ago


5 days ago


5 days ago

like father like son!
WAIT. how do they know that's him????
took me a while to get it too, they checked the numbers of followers and posts. pretty great detective work tbh
that's actually incredible.
Shit, OP literally put this in the post and I still had to find your comment to figure it out! 🤣 Guess I fit the ONTD stereotype hah
The same kind of investigating I do when I want to know what hotel Hotwire is sending me to.


5 days ago

Note to self: Travis Scott is not ASAP Rocky
travis did ask for the a$ap when he went to use the jendashian punch card for his filler tho!
what's interesting about igloo is that her music is v well produced and not bad but she's just so horrible and just kept doubling down that we moved on. idk where she's getting this budget but her last videos were well made.
RE: the music videos- I'm consistently baffled by who's funding all of this! Especially the last few.
She's saved up the money she got from her previous releases and funneled it all into her music. She seems to really care about her pop career.
Was it really because she was horrible though? Like that's never stopped any rapper/musician before. I think people got bored of her shtick.


April 7 2021, 21:12:36 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 21:13:06 UTC

"Survive the summer" and "OMG" off of one of her projects had excellent production, I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. it came up on my tidal playlist lol but I was like... ohhh ok ok.. who produced this?
but then her rapping is like :/
it's just not it. she isn't good at it lol.
And I can’t help but find her face be top tier either
That is not why we moved on. White men just as mediocre and awful still have careers
glad to see the rich and famous are just as desperate for coochie as us commoners

15k to chat??? um??
obsessed with this. will be following closely.
oop i came to comment that i tried to ID these people and wondered if they were even real bc i couldnt find anyone with 27m followers and 3k posts but i guess it was old and it's travis scott im fucking dead
That def isn’t Travis Scott unless the screenshot is old, he has over 10 million more followers than the account that messaged her does.
Theyre saying it's from like a year ago back in 2020
i’m wondering how would they know how would posts/followers he had then tho???


5 days ago


5 days ago

Did Iggy say that or fans that are trying to make their assumption work? lol

It just seems weird that the others are all within the past few days except his.


5 days ago

Lil Nas X should go next! I'm sure his celebrity DM's are pure comedy and full of trade.
After that thing with Teknashinumbers, there definitely has to be more lol
omg!!!! nicola is coming for you girl!!! ready for this
iggy better be careful Nicola doesn't catch her near some stairs
She's gonna push her down the stairs just like she did to that nanny!
Nicola is the most dead-eyed person I’ve ever seen I swear she has killed before
One of her nannies, definitely
mean are pathetic. my friend is making bank just chatting up with lonely old dudes lmao
is there a app you do that on or something? i would like some money
I used to do it a few years ago on this app called Friendly, you get a few cents every message the dude sends back. I ended up making like $200 before I went on a little trip with my friend, that was my spending money 😂


4 days ago

pls I'm jobless about to be kicked out the apt bc of lack of paying rent tell me the secrets. I'm a great talker. I can talk like n1 else
If that is Travis Scott, the Law Orifice of Kim Kardashian Formerly West, Esq. is going to clocking a lot of hours!

nnnnn not orifice 💀
I'm in the middle of pen & paper roleplaying and read this and had such a hard time keeping my shit together

fucking dead @ law orifice
i LOVE an expose but these guesses seem questionable? most of the followers/posts don’t match and if they’re old how would they know how many followers/posts those ppl had then 😭 my nosey ass wants to KNOWWW who tf these cringey are

there's 3 guesses so far... two match exactly... the travis one is not so hard. there are websites that log that info. besides they probably got screenshots of his acc back when he followed iggy
It took me like a second to go to the source of the tweet and scroll. They have the deets there. Travis still has a like on one of her photos from last may.
i did look at the source. just found it far fetched that someone would’ve conveniently screenshotted travis’ followers/posts in may 2020 just because and happened to have kept it for a year and then matched it up to her tiktok screenshot?

however if websites document that sorta thing it’d seem more believable then i guess
She probably took screenshots of them right when she was making the video so the numbers are up to date

If that’s what you mean idk lmao


5 days ago

I thought the same. I dont doubt the men are in relationships or general aint shit dudes but the detective work seems a little iffy lol.
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