Amanda Hugginkiss (toxic_illusion) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Amanda Hugginkiss

Woman with World's Longest Nails Has Them Cut After Almost 30 Years!

Ayanna Williams from Houston decided to cut ties woth her finger nails after growing them for almost 30 years!

She visted a dermatologist who used a electric rotary tool but before doing that, they took measurements of Ayanna's nails one last time.

She broke her own world record of longest nails. In 2017 her nails were 18 feet and right before cutting them, they measured 24 feet long!

It would take 3-4 bottles of nailpolish to color all 10 nails and she'd have to do it over a few days.

Says that day to day activities were difficult and she was unable to do day to day activities like washing dishes or putting sheets on the bed and inspiring the OP to do the same to get out of daily chores.

Her fingernails will be preserved at the Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum in Orlando, Florida.

What's her plan is after?

She says she plans on growing her nails out, just not as long as they previously were.

"With or without my nails, I will still be the queen. My nails don’t make me, I make my nails!"

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I wish I could have longer nails (obviously, not as long as hers), but mine curve weird so I can only grow them to a certain point. I just recently got into gel nails at home, and I definitely need to practice more.
How did she even live with them?
Aww I remember her from My Strange Addiction! She was a sweetie and did not let these nails stop her from doing anything. It was kinda admirable how she did it tbh
Would you rather let your fingernails get this long or your toenails?


Would probably have to use a wheelchair but at least your hands would be functional
on the opposite end of this spectrum, i'm still trying to figure out a way to stop biting my nails.
Watching her scroll on her phone, I'm surprised that the weight of the nails didn't cause them to just rip off her nail bed if she moved her fingers too much.
She should have been forced to cut them off earlier. This is public health
Is the 24ft all the fingers total because that's not 24ft long in the photo.
Hmm, k.
I can’t handle any of this oh my god
Terrible post to enter while eating lmao but good for her. I remember seeing her in the Guinness world records book as a kid, can't believe she kept it up for so long.

I just don't understand why someone would do that in the first place. I can't even handle fake nails beyond the "medium" length.

Whew D:
fucking love my nails - wish my nail tech would let me have them longer, but she cuts them because it's for the best :'(. i only wish i had a longer nail bed so i could do even more nail art on them. everyone who knows me, knows i have the best nails around. i've elevated what nail art is within my circle of influence and i am proud to have carved out this niche
I keep my nails short for Lesbian Reasons but even if I did grow them out one day I think I'd be perpetually haunted by the thought of grime accumulating under them. This lady's hands look like something from my nightmares.
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