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Woman with World's Longest Nails Has Them Cut After Almost 30 Years!

Ayanna Williams from Houston decided to cut ties woth her finger nails after growing them for almost 30 years!

She visted a dermatologist who used a electric rotary tool but before doing that, they took measurements of Ayanna's nails one last time.

She broke her own world record of longest nails. In 2017 her nails were 18 feet and right before cutting them, they measured 24 feet long!

It would take 3-4 bottles of nailpolish to color all 10 nails and she'd have to do it over a few days.

Says that day to day activities were difficult and she was unable to do day to day activities like washing dishes or putting sheets on the bed and inspiring the OP to do the same to get out of daily chores.

Her fingernails will be preserved at the Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum in Orlando, Florida.

What's her plan is after?

She says she plans on growing her nails out, just not as long as they previously were.

"With or without my nails, I will still be the queen. My nails don’t make me, I make my nails!"

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How did she never break them?!? She must have incredibly strong nails.
i love long nails and acrylics! god, an elongated oval/natural almond with a pinky/nude milky translucent shade is just 😚👌🏼 nothin better. i haven’t gotten my nails done in over a year now, though. and acrylics absolutely destroyed my nails so ive spent the last year rehabbing them. right now i keep having issues with the side of my nail breaking right where my nail bed ends every time i reach a pretty length! so now i’ve taken to a regimen of oiling my cuticles and nails like 20 times a day and i’ve convinced myself that this will solve all my issues
i wanna get my nails done so badly even though i didn't do them regularly pre-pandemic. i just want some cute nail art tbh, i'm not even scared to go to a salon right now.

but i'm also horrible with them that when they grow out i end up picking at them and then i have to give my nails time to recover, lol.
I taught myself starting in 2016 because I didn't have the $$$ for the upkeep, and I'm a super picker (ADHD and all that). I found that setting aside some time for myself once a week (even for just a colour/shape change) was a great way to make sure I didn't pick or wreck my nails.

If you give yourself some patience and have some good tutorials (Nail Career Education on YT is a great one!), you can do it, bb!
Yes!! I came into this post HOPING to see someone hype the long nail (not as long as this Queen's, but I'm still young).

I work a desk job and have trained myself to keep up my 85 words a minute with acrylics/gels.

Good for you for growing yours out! I don't have the patience.... or the money, so I taught myself how to do acrylic and gels on myself. And my go to is a coffin shape in a matte nude or matte neon pink.
Zoya has a great serum for nail health. You rub a bit in and that's it. You can paint right over it once dry, too.
these are the ONTD posts I love lol

Also, how did she hug people? :(
Not allowed right now, karis!
I keep my nails about 1.5-2cm past the tip of my finger at the most because I hate the feeling of typing when they're any longer.

this is just disgusting especially in a pandemic 🤢🤢
Her fingernails will be preserved at the Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum in Orlando, Florida.

I hope they glue them onto a mannequin so it's not weird. Or weirder. idk
I now know what I have to do to use up all my nail polishes before they dry out
and here i've been getting annoyed playing two dots because sometimes i'm trying to form a square but my fingernail interferes and i lose contact with the screen
Relatable. Same with when I'm typing a text and one of my thumb nails is longer and it interferes. I know people learn how to type with long nails but I keep mine fairly short for the most part.
I always wonder how people like this wipe
How has she never broken one? I have healthy nails that grow fast, but they always get to a point where they just feel in the way. I don't know how people deal with long nails.
Mine are like this and then I cut them all down so you can no longer hear me tapping on my phone screen.
This just makes me want to paint my nails lol. I love the look of painted nails but don’t really enjoy doing it myself, but I feel super weird paying someone to do it (especially for toe nails; I am a Puritan pastor at heart apparently and think people seeing my feet is Too Intimate).

So now I paint them (poorly) like once a quarter and let them sloooooowly chip off.
INCHES. Not feet. Jesus. 24 foot nails would be at least four times her standing height!

#ONTDdoesntread #orcatchtyposapparently

(24ft = 7.3m, 24in = 0.6m)
No, it's 24 ft per the Guinness link. It's counting the length for all 10 fingers.

"As it turns out, Houston-local Ayanna broke her own record for the longest fingernails on a pair of hands (female) with a new length of 733.55 cm (24 ft 0.7 in), since letting them grow from their initial confirmation in 2017. "
I love how confidently incorrect you are lol
Lol, my bad. Seems like kind of a copout to combine the collective length of both hands though.

I remember this dude from my 1988 edition of Guinness and the image still occasionally gives me nightmares.
But my nails break when they grow 1.5 cm from my nail bed? Rude

I can kinda see how you'd get used to something that's part of your identity but this is kinda stressful for me
fucking gross
gross, but i'm also kinda in awe she was able to grow them out to such a length. her nails must be so strong! i'm jealous tbh, mine are so weak they don't even break if they get too long, they just… bend and peel 😩
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