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Amanda Hugginkiss

Woman with World's Longest Nails Has Them Cut After Almost 30 Years!

Ayanna Williams from Houston decided to cut ties woth her finger nails after growing them for almost 30 years!

She visted a dermatologist who used a electric rotary tool but before doing that, they took measurements of Ayanna's nails one last time.

She broke her own world record of longest nails. In 2017 her nails were 18 feet and right before cutting them, they measured 24 feet long!

It would take 3-4 bottles of nailpolish to color all 10 nails and she'd have to do it over a few days.

Says that day to day activities were difficult and she was unable to do day to day activities like washing dishes or putting sheets on the bed and inspiring the OP to do the same to get out of daily chores.

Her fingernails will be preserved at the Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum in Orlando, Florida.

What's her plan is after?

She says she plans on growing her nails out, just not as long as they previously were.

"With or without my nails, I will still be the queen. My nails don’t make me, I make my nails!"

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Wouldn't the weight of the nails be uncomfortable too? Long nails can be cute but not this long.
If you watch the full video she had at least one finger that was very tender and cutting gave her "instant relief"
They're still too long!! Lol
when i say this is exactly the journey my face went through and is still kinda doing
I remember her being featured on the ripleys believe it or not show when I was a kid
That is weird and cool at the same time. My nails barely get past my fingertips without peeling/breaking.
24 feet?? Did she have a caregiver? Could she leave the house? If she went somewhere did her nails trail behind her on the ground or did she carry them around in grocery bags or something? I have a lot of questions.
I'm sorry but the idea of her having a caregiver for long nails is making me laugh so hard. Something tells me insurance would not cover that.
i am equally squicked out by this as i am super short fingernails where the regular nailbed doesn't cover the tip of someone's finger where there's a lot of like, finger flesh? on the sides and looks like a pasted on nail in the middle of a thumb, lol.

at least with super short nails you can still wipe yourself no hassle though.
oh god, the chicklet nails!
lmfao yes!!! my worst nightmare...
Surely she'd need to sleep with her arms strapped down otherwise she'd roll over in night and snap them
As an occupational therapist, I'm does she do ANYTHING
I am not watching the video. Just those pictures are making me feel kinda queasy.

Does it say how long it takes to paint and clean those nails? Like it must be whole fucking day. I wonder if it smells?
Yes! It’s in the post
Lol damn i'm being a classic ~ontd doesn't read. usually i read but i saw the pictures and was so grossed out.

And it takes a few days??????? Like so she just paints a couple of nails and then continues for a few days. Well, that's a lot of time just literally waiting for paint to dry. 30 years.

That's something.
3-4 days.


3 days ago

Same. I just ate and now I feel like I'm going to get sick.
grossssss. but i'm also pretty amazed that she was able to do that without them breaking off. my nails are so weak and brittle. i've never had nice long nails and it makes me sad.
Imagine going through a pandemic with those on your hands. My ocd has been not great with it all and I keep my nails so short, I would lose it with super long nails.
my nails grow long very quickly if i don't file them. when they do get long, i have a hard time doing the most basic stuff like typing, cooking or texting, and my fingers will ache for days if i press on something the wrong way. idk how she managed it for almost thirty years.
Watch out, Jenny Anniston! She’s going to come for your collagen peptides endorsement when she regrows her nails.
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