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Demi Lovato Says DMX OD Scared Her, It Could Have Been Me

Demi Lovato says she feels ‘survivor’s guilt’ in wake of DMX overdose reports. "Anytime that I see somebody OD or even pass away that's in the public eye, I immediately think, 'That could have been you had you not been putting all this work in to the last couple years of your life,'" the 28-year-old "The Art of Starting Over" singer shared. "There's times where I've even talked about feeling survivor's guilt because you do ask yourself why am I still here? Why are others not? It's a challenging thing to get over." The Camp Rock Star confesses, "Every day I am here on this earth is a day I count my blessings".

Tags: demi lovato, drugs / alcohol

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That's all that she gets from it? She makes it all about her? No empathy?
Do expect anything else from her?
has Demi provided any content that hasn't revolved completely around her? i dont want to sound crude, cuz i understand she's been through some stuff. but yeah, she just always comes across as so self absorbed/obsessed to me. its a turn off.
As of lately noticing the same. It appears she’s constantly looking for attention. I’m truly hoping the best for her. And DMX
Is she seriously making this about herself?


April 7 2021, 18:49:14 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 18:52:47 UTC

Yeah but it's from an interview where they were talking about her and then the question was "When you saw the news about DMX, did that scare you? Cause there was kind of a parallel path of you slipping and then coming back." She didn't just say this in a vacuum.

Edit: Actually you know what, ignore me. Cause even with that context, she could've still said anything wishing him and his family well or just diverted the question, and her line about "if she hadn't been putting in the work" the past few years rubs me the wrong way.
I love this nuanced take!
I kind of get what she's trying to say here, but she really needs to understand, not every thought needs to be voiced out in public.
that's it right there. i'm tired of being in this girl's therapy session.
omfg thank you. she's made it her brand.
That is a comment that she honestly should've kept to herself, it makes her sound incredibly self-centered.
I do hope that it keeps her on the path of recovery though, it's not been that long since her OD and establishing a life post addiction is an ongoing process/relapse is possible even if you've done 'well' so far in your recovery.
I feel like it would be hard to say ~ the right thing~ in this situation. She was asked about it and if it scared her, so she is obviously gonna talk about herself.

BUT, what truly baffled me about this is that going to the source I see she gave an interview to TMZ. She really sat there and had a talk with Harvey...

TMZ really is on Scooter paycheck...
do you really have to say anything other than "my heart goes out to him and i really hope he recovers"? and yeah, talking to TMZ makes it seem like she sees this as another opportunity to put herself in the spotlight.
She was asked

"Did that scare you? Because there was kind of a parallel path of slipping and then coming back"

So the point was to talk about herself.

It was a tricky question to begin with, but she could have refused to go into it.


3 months ago

Deleted comment


3 months ago

I don't follow her at all so idk how generous to be, but when celebs awkwardly reframe all questions around themselves in interviews I always kind of assume it's because they have however many canned/practiced answers and they're just reaching for the closest one.


3 months ago


3 months ago

I disagree. I'm walking on eggshells a little bc I don't want to sound insensitive to Demi, but anyone with a greater sense of self-awareness would divert that question in a way that expressed concern and well wishes to DMX, his children, family and supporters. And I get that celebrities are just constantly used to talking and promoting themselves and what they do, but there has to be a line you draw in the sand. When she says that it could've been her had she not been doing the work, idk, that rubbed me the wrong way. I could be being really sensitive, but her words could've been more appropriate.


3 months ago

I agree. Of course she could have have just not answered the question but I think what's more important is to listen to what people with substance abuse addictions can tell us about their feelings. Even self-important celebrities like her. It might seem like a lack of awareness and that she's directing attention towards herself but she is an addict so her feelings around the subject I'm sure is something shared by many in her situation and I feel like it's better to talk more about it than not. Admitting to having survivor's guilt must be really hard.
this is messed up tbh. it's not about you Demi, take a seat. it also seems premature since we do not know what is going to happen to him....he's still here and his treatment is evolving... yikes.
I understand the intention, she will probably feel it for a long time.

HOWEVER! This was not the way to do it. Although my opinion might change for the better if someone directly asked her how she feels after DMX because she overdosed herself?

But without context....nagl!!!
that's pretty much what she got asked apparently yeah
She's forever an asshole.
Did he die???
no but there are reports that he has very little brain function and his family may have to make a hard choice soon.
that's so sad
god thats horrible
god that is horrifying
I really think it's too soon for someone with her platform to speak about it in this way. He literally hasn't even finished fucking dying.
Could have been me? Giiiiirl. Why don’t you go party more and talk about your recovery and California sobriety 😒
Ugh, at first I thought this was some kind of "source" making a comment out of nothing but I see this was an actual interview. Why would they even ask this? It's tacky. Especially because he's still fighting for his life.
It shows how bad is her management.

They really let her talk with TMZ... what were the chances they would not make a tacky question?

I may be writing fan fiction now, but it makes me wonder if Scooter is using her to keep a good relationship with TMZ that can be beneficial when his top clients get in trouble.
How influential is scooter? People have been attributing his influence for bieber's grammy nominations.


3 months ago

Scooter has used tmz in the past, I think

Wow... Way to make everything about you, girl.

She must've been extremely California sober when she said this.
She needs to understand that not speaking every thought can be good. Especially if it makes every situation about her.
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