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Demi Lovato Says DMX OD Scared Her, It Could Have Been Me

Demi Lovato says she feels ‘survivor’s guilt’ in wake of DMX overdose reports. "Anytime that I see somebody OD or even pass away that's in the public eye, I immediately think, 'That could have been you had you not been putting all this work in to the last couple years of your life,'" the 28-year-old "The Art of Starting Over" singer shared. "There's times where I've even talked about feeling survivor's guilt because you do ask yourself why am I still here? Why are others not? It's a challenging thing to get over." The Camp Rock Star confesses, "Every day I am here on this earth is a day I count my blessings".

Tags: demi lovato, drugs / alcohol

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oh god PR strategy wise does she think that going and doing interviews with these people who have been shitty to her is some kind of reclamation of power?

will ontd get an exclusive next?
oh god PR strategy wise does she think that going and doing interviews with these people who have been shitty to her is some kind of reclamation of power?

This seems to be a recurring pattern with her, yep. (I'm thinking about how she went back to her drug dealer shortly after her overdose in an attempt to do the same thing...crazy....)
I have a lot of sympathy for Demi, but then she does something like this...

Not even a "I'm thinking of his family" or "I know better than anyone how this can affect family members and friends"? She just flat out makes it about herself?

First of all, it was her.

Second, this response is so self-centered and insensitive.
I mean... you couldve just said "i have the same demons, I wish him well" or something. Survivors guilt? He hasnt passed, right? Idk this reads super weird to me.
Yes! That's the part that was extra weird to me. You'd think knowing what her family went through when she ODed and how terrible people were about reporting what was actually happening with her that she'd think more before saying something like that when his family could read it. It just seems very callous to me.
as someone who is an addict, i long for a day where we aren’t shamed for the mistakes and choices we make, especially when it comes to things that make you revisit past traumas. was this the perfect response? of course not. but they’re literally reminding her she almost died by using someone else’s very devastating experience with addiction
she literally is promoting an ALBUM about the fact she almost died from an overdose and you're really gonna say TMZ was wrong to remind her about the event she just released a music video detailing? that she wrote and directed herself?

this isn't exactly "were not allowed to move on from our mistakes" territory when her entire career is bouncing back from her mistakes and then writing entire albums or songs about those mistakes, and then making music videos about those mistakes, etc.

what was wrong was to ask her about someone other than herself, or bring DMX into it at all. and it was wrong of her to treat it like a legitimate question.
I mean, she chooses to revisit her experiences rather literally, like with the music video. I agree that shaming people is cruel and unhelpful, but you can't blame them for asking when she's made this whole story into her brand.


April 7 2021, 21:54:01 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 21:55:23 UTC

Her management (Scooter) is trash for letting them ask this, she's not great for making it about her and for using the phrase "survivors's guilt" when he is still alive. I understand that his circumstances are dire, but I'd think she'd be more careful with her words after what she's been through and what her family had to go through during her OD.

I'm sure it's going to be exhausting for her if every time a celeb ODs/something similar she gets a ton of interviews/calls about it. This is where her management needs to step in. Or her family. Or anyone. That cannot be good for her sobriety.


April 7 2021, 22:28:08 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 22:29:20 UTC

ughhhhhhh I just want to root for her, but she really needs help.
she's a real asshole and i'm getting sick of seeing her name
Just because TMZ is tactless doesn't mean you have to be.
ugh. she really makes it hard for me to like her.


April 8 2021, 00:04:04 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 00:53:49 UTC

Something that really stood out in the doc to me - she talked about being misdiagnosed with bipolar and said she just needed the 'grow the fuck up' but there was no further explanation given. No 'I actually had this' or 'i shouldn't have been diagnosed with anything' they just...moved on without further comment. Other things that REALLY stood out in relation to that was her saying she's such a black and white and white thinker', multiple people in the doc and in her life saying she's a really good liar and manipulator and someone in the last post saying the reason her previous team adopted the 'if you relapse we walk' stance is because the thing she fears most in life is people leaving her.

I know a number of people here will have drawn the same conclusion from this information. I hope she's getting good treatment.

to stay on topic, we don't know what TMZ actually asked her so I'm hesitant to condemn her response here given they could have literally said 'how does it make you feel about your situation do you have survivors guilt' in which case that would be a normal response. Like we know they ain't shit and I wouldn't at all put it past them to ask a leading question to generate that response from her, and from the public ETA i see they did in fact ask a leading question, knowing her tendency to respond without thinking and centre it around herself. They knew what they were doing.
regardless if someone asked her, it's really not hard to say "obviously I have empathy for him and wish him nothing but the absolute best".
she talked about being misdiagnosed with bipolar and said she just needed the 'grow the fuck up' but there was no further explanation given.

Wasn't the bipolar diagnosis her explanation for punching one of her dancers or something? So...did she ever apologize once it turned out that was incorrect...?


5 days ago


April 8 2021, 02:04:27 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 02:05:17 UTC

Yeah, I think she's being subtle in the documentary, and she most probably knows she has BPD with some HPD tendencies. There's sadly stigma with having those diagnoses, and she doesn't owe us her life. Both can co-occur. She's been exposed by the public eye, and she is an open book, so her team of people probably know.

As for this, like, I get where she is coming from. I think she is still questioning her existence, which can happen to those who had near-death experiences. It can get existential. Her overdose was not too long ago, and I'm sure she is still dealing with disbelief, shock, and guilt. They are normal feelings to her situation. BUT YES, she made it about herself, so it is off-putting and distasteful when DMX and his loved ones are suffering. Time and place. Reading a room isn't her thing, either, aside from self-awareness.


5 days ago

I'm gonna armchair diagnose for a minute and suggest she has BPD


4 days ago

girl....this isn't about you. using his tragic event to continue the conversation about your own, when youre promoting an album about it is....hella tacky. blerg.
Of course. OF COURSE. I side-eyed her years ago when she said the Disney Channel shouldn't make eating disorder jokes because she had one and not, you know, just because it's harmful and could affect a lot of people, and she's just kept doing the same thing over & over since then. I just ... girl.
oof, my poor girl Demi has permanent Foot in Mouth syndrome. she makes it hard to stan sometimes.
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