Andi (pumkinbutter) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

“Space Jam” has “Clockwork Orange” cameo, but no Pepe Le Pew

While Pepe Le Pew was deemed too problematic for the new “Space Jam” movie, the Droogs from “A Clockwork Orange” are apparently fine. For those who aren’t familiar with the film, it involves a gang of young reprobates who go around raping women.

Tags: animation, film, who asked for this

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The music in a clockwork orange is the best thing about the movie, especially the opening. And yes this is a “really?😒” moment, but the hatred I had for Pepe Le Pew since i was child knows no bounds so I could care less if he’s in the movie 🤷🏽‍♀️
As a child, I knew something was off with Pepe because I hated how nobody could get away from him and he was forcing himself onto people. I always skipped his cartoons. It wasn't funny what he did to the one female cat. She looked like she lost weight after the end of each episode.
Yes! The ones with the female cat were the worst. She just minding her business and suddenly she has this skunk constantly harassing her.


5 months ago

Neither should be in the damn movie. What the fuck.
I hated A Clockwork Orange. That’s all I have to say.
How the fuck are you gonna put some of the most vile characters in literature/cinema in SPACE JAM
Yeah I really don't get this. I mean I do because they're cramming as many properties as they can but they can really easily stick to kid friendly characters and not rapists.
I figure the logic is it's just a joke for the adults to get a laugh out of (as in "haha here's something for adults hidden in this movie for kids!! you guys remember this fucked up movie?") but yeah keeping them in after cutting Pepe is a weird choice. They both shouldn't be in the movie.
This is so weird. I feel like even if it's an intentional weird joke for adults, most of the parents taking their kids to see this movie are a little too young to get this as a reference? It's not an obscure movie, but to me it'd be more of a reference for a 50-60 year old, not a 30-something with a 9 yr old.
Oh yeah a good chunk of the famous cameos are things only boomers, gen x-ers, and millennials will immediately recognize.

If they publicly go with that I hope they are drowned in comments that show them other characters they could've used that are not vile.
Yeah, there was a Pulp Fiction reference in the first one. But they could've gone with something better!
But will there be a scene where LeBron teaches the droogs about consent??

Anyway, I hated the A Clockwork Orange movie and I'll be forever furious that the shitty adaptation will always eclipse the book now.
Shit like this is what happens when filmmakers think they can substitute jokes with "Hey, remember this thing? This was a thing that was popular a long time ago! Please laugh!"
I guess since they are just background characters cheering on the bad guys instead of getting an actual small story line WB figured it would be fine... still a bad decision.
Convinced that WB did this to generate buzz articles and it worked!

A Clockwork Orange is bottom tier Kubrick anyways.
Eyes Wide Shit is the true bottom tier Kubrick, tbh! 💅
I actually like that one! Have heard his Lolita is ill-conceived but haven't brought myself to watch it


5 months ago

we’re they just like “hey extras, come to set in a group costume” and somehow his got approved???

Deleted comment

There’s more “wokeness” and social media to air that on now.
Yes, because there's nothing kids love more than references to movies that are fifty years old.
I feel like there used to be an ONTD troll with a Droogs icon.
damn I think you're right
Yeah there totally was!


April 7 2021, 19:05:57 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 19:08:29 UTC

I guess I’m not all that bothered by it since that’s how pop culture works. People have always snuck adult humor or references to kid-oriented films only adults will get. Brings to the mind a lot of crude humor in cartoons aimed at kids like ren & stimpy, rocko’s modern life, animaniacs, spongebob, powderpuff girls etc…etc

this sounds edgy but is missing the point. crude humour is one thing, these are violent rapists that are just not appropriate in a kids movie. theres no joke here. its just this gang of people who are psychotic killers. have you seen that film lately cause its more than disturbing. its not like the pulp fiction thing.
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