Andi (icameinyoursoup) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Anti-Asian song “Meet the Flockers” is back on streaming after brief removal

-Rapper YG’s song “Meet the Flockers” has anti-Asian lyrics about targeting Chinese people for robbery
-YG is best known for his song “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)”
-Asian employees at YouTube tried to get the music video taken down for weeks
-The song was taken down on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music a couple of days ago
-The song was put back on all platforms today with the anti-Asian lyrics censored
-The lyrics in question are
First: You find a house and scope it out
Find a Chinese neighborhood
‘Cause they don’t believe in bank accounts

-The censored song says “find a, find a neighborhood” instead

Tags: music / musician (rap and hip-hop), race / racism

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