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Joss Whedon reportedly threatened Gal Gadot's career during Justice League reshoots

* Whedon and Gadot reportedly further clashed when he made changes to the script and wanted her to record new lines she didn't feel aligned with the character;

* Gadot had "issues about her character being more aggressive than her character in 'Wonder Woman.";

* Whedon allegedly said he would do damage to Gadot's career if she didn't bend. A witness claimed, "He told her he's the writer and she's going to shut up and say the lines and he can make her look incredibly stupid in this movie."

Whedon also reportedly disparaged fellow director Patty Jenkins, who helmed the two Wonder Woman movies.

Tags: dc comics, film director, gal gadot, you in danger

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i don't really like to use the word "hate" but i really hate him
What a fucker.
Buffy is no longer my favourite show and that’s down to the misogyny in it from Xander, that’s never called out.

Xander was based on Joss.
I always hated Xander he was such an asshole and yet somehow always got away with being one without consequences on the show.
The show was clearly pro “nice guy”, so I just don’t enjoy it as much anymore.
It's definitely harder to go back and watch when you're older and notice even more of what a jerk he was.
It’s sad to know how many Buffy fans excuse his behaviour too and hold him up as a good guy, because he isn’t quite as bad as someone like Spike.


4 days ago

One of my friends made me watch Buffy way after the fact so I only watched it in...maybe 2013/2014? Anyway, Xander was the WORST and other parts of it seemed openly sexist to me. I guess if I had watched it in the 90s I would have felt differently, but man, watching it in 2014 or whatever was jarring, especially since it is supposed to be a feminist show.
This stuff upsets me so deeply. So much of the media that really shaped me as a kid and teen (Buffy, HP, I mean...I was a HUGE Lostprophets fan, basically the entire Fueled by Ramen scene) is tainted in a way that means I barely have any fond memories of that time. My teens were a bag of shit anyway and I get genuinely angry at these fuckers for ruining so much for not only being racist, sexist, transphobic etc. but for subsequently then taunting so much important creative media for so many people.
Apparently she had to lock herself up to prevent him from forcing her to film some bullshit scene and then he went and threatened her stunt double to do it instead?

Fuck him, I hope they finally let him get cancelled after how many flops he's produced in the last decade.

Whedon? Being a sexist pig? I would have never guessed


April 7 2021, 19:51:56 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 19:52:42 UTC

When will Hollywood finally end this guy's career?
This is interesting. If only they had shot JL after WW was already released. There's no way he could threaten her career after the success of that.

A part of me is still surprised this guy ended up like this. Like come on dude. Really? I used to listen to your commentary!!
I’m still surprised. Believe it all 100% just still in disbelief. A part of me is just like, How the hell did he go so off the rails?! (Sounds like he was never ON them to begin with... but he sure hid it better.)
He is a fucking douchebag
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