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Those Who Wish Me Dead | Official Trailer | HBO Max

While reeling from the loss of three lives she failed to save in a fire, smoke jumper Hannah comes across a traumatized 12-year-old boy with nowhere else to turn.

Starring Academy Award-winner, Angelina Jolie, New Line Cinema presents Those Who Wish Me Dead, directed by Taylor Sheridan. Based on Michael Kortya’s novel and starring Nicholas Hoult, Finn Little, Aiden Gillen, Medina Senghore, Tyler Perry, Jake Weber, and Jon Bernthal.

Those Who Wish Me Dead will be available in theaters and on HBO Max on May 14, in the US only, for 31 days from its theatrical release, at no extra cost to subscribers.

Tags: angelina jolie, film trailer / stills / clips, warner bros

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ok jon bernthal is in this so i guess i have to watch it
the filth i would partake in with that man i can't
he's so attractive and i dont get it
i was going to say UglyHot but it's more UglySexy


3 months ago


3 months ago

he could [redacted] my [redacted]


April 7 2021, 16:25:17 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 16:25:58 UTC

Every time someone mentions jon's name here, it reminds me of this dumbass comment


3 months ago


3 months ago

I've liked Jon since The Class, but he's trash for working with Polanski.


3 months ago


3 months ago

that's what i just said, only it was much more sad :( dammit, bernthal.
My exact thoughts.

it's not exactly her fault but she looks like angeline jolie cosplaying as a firefighter. the trappings of uber fame and beauty, you can't disappear into regular people roles!
I was actually suprised to see her back in action. I got used to Maleficent and more PG stuff but this looks more Salt like to me. Can't wait to see her in Eternals now.


April 7 2021, 16:46:51 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 16:47:09 UTC

I so wish Salt had a sequel.


3 months ago

I felt this way about her in Changeling. I just couldn't believe her as a poor single mother.
Mte. She’s not a good enough actress to make me forget she’s Angelina fucking Jolie.
This looks different than the book. Hannah (Angelina's character) is supposed to be a retired firefighter and the co-lead on the book is Ethan, who i thought was going to be played by Jon Bernthal, he is supposed to be the survival expert. Also, i pictured the brother assasins a bit more "raw" and less clean.

Anyways, going by this trailer it looks very action packed, Taylor's films seem a bit more slow paced eventhough they always have a climax scene. I love this cast and Beast and Littlefinger are gonna kill it while looking sleek, i see. I hope Jon Bernthal gets good material, since i love him too.

And last, Angie in Aviators is always so *heart eyes* to me.
lol this looks awful
i thought that was jessica chastain in that thumbnail and got confused when i read angelina jolie was starring in it
Sicario was awful and this doesn’t look good either


April 7 2021, 15:36:59 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 15:38:10 UTC

Don’t care for Sheridan as a filmmaker but this looks ok. Shocked that curly haired kid isn’t Noah Jupe, thank goodness.
Oh it's an action thriller. I love her and was worried it was going to be one of those gritty realistic things where we're supposed to believe that Angelina is a normal human and not a fairy queen, superhero, superspy or other superlative or mythological being.

The CGI flames are bad, though!
A smoke jumper? Okay I get that there's no disguising her beauty, but nix the jewelry, make it look like she she goes days without showering while sleeping on the ground. I want to SEE how bad she smells.

I can already tell you this movie is gonna become a joke at work.
but it doesnt look like she is a firefighter in this - she WAS but had the ~trauma that made her become a recluse ooOoOoOo... The only shot of her being one is with her face covered.
I'm talking about the shots of her on the fire line where she is clearly in fire gear. Prior to being a lookout. she has safety goggles but her face isn't covered and she has earrings on. Her yellows are pristine, which is weird, and that's a lot of makeup. Also, lookouts are still fire.

I'm just gonna be annoyed by this movie cuz it's work shit and I can already tell they got it hella wrong.

i know this isn't the point but fuck me up jon bernthal jesus christ

i just wanna eat his face idek
I'm probs the only one but I'm here for this. I enjoyed Hell or High Water and I'm kind of intrigued why Angie came out of retirement for this role.

Also, Jon Bernthal is really hot.
Yeah I loved Hell or High Water and will probably see it on the strength of that alone (also liked Sicario a lot in spite of its issues tbh and Bernthal was smokin in that)
Murder and forest fires?!? Damn you Littlefinger! Angelina looks great. I hope one day we get a Salt 2.


April 7 2021, 16:01:55 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 16:07:20 UTC

ew @ the writer of sicario. them movies were a violently racist mess and should be deleted and never seen again.

i love angelina but lmao at me just now learning and being stunned that shes an academy award winner. what a flop fan i am 😔 obvi ill watch.

edit: ew tyler perry, pls stop hiring him. love seeing skins UK alum getting jobs.
So was Wind River!
It's been 20+ years, it's too late for me to stop watching Angelina Jolie movies now so I'll see you then HBO Max.
that s me plus i am done with drama or fairy movies so this is so me
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