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Dave Chappelle Says He Knows Who Wrote the Infamous Notes to Incoming 45 WH Staff

The comedian appeared on Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s YouTube Series, “No Filter” and revealed who left the “alleged” notes 45 staffers found after moving into the West Wing. 45 and Co. said some notes read, “You Will Fail” (honestly, reveal who wrote that so they can give us some lottery numbers).

Chappelle said, “Remember when the Trump administration moved in, they said the Obama staff left dirty notes for us in all the drawers and all the cabinets? I saw this happening. I’m not going to say who did it. But it was celebrities, writing all this crazy shit and putting them all over there. I saw them doing it, so when I saw it on the news I laughed real hard.”


ontd, which celebrity do you wish wrote those notes?
Tags: black celebrities, comedy / comedian, guess who, naomi campbell, politics

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celebrities wrote notes and hid them all over the west wing? wouldnt someone notice the celebs there lol?
If you don’t say who it was or make a blind about them I don’t believe it
There were a ton of celebrities in the west wing, leaving notes around the White House? I don't understand...
i feel like he needs to elaborate. like was there a party there for a last goodbye or what?
mte, how were they allowed to wander around opening drawers and cabinets?
Yes, I saw from another source that it was a going-away party on January 7, 2016
Wait so celebs went around the Obama White House and left nasty notes for 45? I dunno, as satisfying as that sounds, I doubt Obama would have allowed that, unless he didn’t know.


April 7 2021, 15:34:03 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 15:34:32 UTC

??? Was it Hill Harper? lol
I mean, even if they did I’m sure the staff, like the actual custodians of the building, would have taken care of that. They all seem really professional.
All the work they do, quietly in the background, and completely discreet, without even NDAs. They're the real celebrities.
Wait..."the real celebrities"...was the call coming from inside the White House?! I think I cracked it!!
Leaving notes and small pranks are tradition. The notes were probably extra shitty because trump was extra shitty.
So a bunch of celebrities were allowed to just go around and hide things in the west wing? 🤔
I watched this yesterday and to give a little context, this was during the last party/get together the Obama administration had (shortly prior to Trump taking office), which is why celebrities were all up in the WH.
This doesn't make any sense.

Also, Dave is a piece of shit.
i don't.. believe this lmao

like what celebs were just chilling in the white house before the transition leaving lil notes?
There was a last hurrah party the Obama administration threw right before Trump took office.
well thats mildly more believable lol
this reminds of the time my friend's aunt was retiring from being a teacher, and they threw her a huge party at the school. we decided to predrink and got wasted and ended up sneaking into the classrooms to leave dick post its in the teachers desk. not our finest moment but i do sometimes wonder what they thought when they opened their drawer and found a badly drawn dick in there
you are my kind of crowd lol
is this story supposed to make me feel sorry for 45s staffers? cause I don’t
I feel bad for the janitors, etc. who had to clean up after the 45 crew. You know those assholes (45) weren't wearing masks.
Yeah the non-administration White House staff I feel sorry for. But I don’t feel sorry for the people who came in and willingly worked for the administration which is who he’s talking about


5 months ago


5 months ago

It explains a little bit, because I wouldn't have expected Obama's staffers to have left nastygrams. They seemed too professional to be that petty, no matter how tempting.
To those wondering how this happened, the white house was full of celebs at the end of Obama's presidency:

Like Beyonce was just wondering through the White House leaving hate mail and nobody noticed? OK Dave
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