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Pete Davidson Gave Alec Baldwin Fake Workout Advice + Other Staten Island Bro Anecdotes

ONTD's favorite enemy to lover trope BF, Pete Davidson, went on The Tonight Show with [redacted]. While there, he had some anecdotes to share:

- While on shirtless backstage at SNL, Baldwin approached him and asked him what his routine was, Pete, a youth who doesn't actually work out, told him, "100 sit ups and 100 crunches a day." Baldwin adhered to the advice and now credits [source needed] Davidson for his svelt figure.

- He's excited that NYC finally legalized the use of recreational weed.

- He signed on to Suicide Squad after a phone call with James Gunn in which he revealed his character name would be "Dick Hertz."

- Asked QuestLove to actually slap him during their SNL sketch together earlier this season.

- Promo'd his new Audible series with Keke Palmer claiming, "You don't have to see my face." [source needed]

Tags: alec baldwin, jimmy fallon, pete davidson, saturday night live (nbc)

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