Marilena Blah Blah (electricluna) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Marilena Blah Blah

Taylor Swift releases a new song from the vault, "Mr. Perfectly Fine"

Tags: music / musician, music / musician (country), music / musician (pop), taylor swift

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The fact that even the hoarders of her unreleased songs didn’t have this makes me think this was an actual fearless cut from 2008 and not a demo from 2004 like the others lol

This is a LOT better than most of the platinum edition tracks tbh
ok but is it (taylor's version)
yes (taylor's version)
This isn't bad. I might listen to this album.
It's cute and clever in a tweenage way, I wonder why it was cut.
I like Sophie Turners reaction.
"it's not NOT a bop" lmaoo that's a great response
It's a v. dumb and cliche song with some real juvenile lyrics, it sucks and I love it lmao. Yass Taylor, petty breakup QUEEN, deliver the 2008 nostalgia to my cold, dead heart!
it reaks of "im 18" and i love it
very fearless-taylor, which is all i could have asked for, i'm very excited for friday, honestly
Sounds about right for 2008-ish. I like this one a lot better than the first b-side she released a couple of weeks ago.
Have not listened yet but the lyrics seem 50 ways to leave your lover-ish
i'm sorry, but that driver's license girl has the rights to all paul simon material
This reminds me that I've still not heard that song, gotta get into it
sonically this is a lot like Superman, although I like this better since that one was kinda dumb lol
Sounds quite good
Certified bop.
imagine being Joe Jonas right now
Hello, Mr. Casually Cruel

This is cute and honestly lets not lie.. we were all thinking shit like this after teenage romances.
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