Marilena Blah Blah (electricluna) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Marilena Blah Blah

Taylor Swift releases a new song from the vault, "Mr. Perfectly Fine"

Tags: music / musician, music / musician (country), music / musician (pop), taylor swift

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I love it.
lmao me
this is like a Paramore-Kelly Clarkson inspired song that would play at the end credits of a rom-com... so perfect for 2008 I guess.
All her music sounds like it would play in a rom com or in the montage of a teen comedy.
I maintain that the majority of her songs would be stellar Kelly Clarkson songs
right? it's a cute little throwback
her vocals sound alot like her younger self on this one.

OP I love your icon
I love yours, too!
I've developed such a huge crush on Danielle in the past few weeks... ^^'
wait, she's re-recording the vault stuff, too? i thought she was just releasing them. good for her
No this song was previously unreleased so brand new! I just thought her vocals sounded especially young like her old stuff
I have listened to only Eddy de Pretto and Therapie Taxi for at least a week and interrupted them for this. I mean, it’s classic Taylor innit
Fuck I actually snorted.
Same song, different day.
allegedly about joe jonas? wonder how many of the vault songs on SN and Fearless will be about him
Most of the vault songs are from 2004-5 so not about him — this one seems like it was actually written in 2008. I’m sure some speak now cuts will be about him!
the Speak Now rerelease is gonna be wild since there are songs about like 6 different dudes on that album

this is actually incredibly smart, however inadvertently, since she can't really fuel much gossip about her current love life. this way she can slyly churn some out about what was going on in 2010 and the scrutiny won't be nearly as absurd/loaded as it was back then
This is a lot better than the other one.
Agreed. I'm meh about "You All Over Me," but I was pretty charmed by this one.
have you heard the demo version of YAOM? I actually liked it more! her younger voice suited it better.


6 months ago

Yeah this one has some energy
i actually kinda like this lol it's fun and upbeat
15 year old me would've loved the shit out of this even if she couldn't relate.

27 year old me relates really hard and I love it, idc! You can tell it was written by a teenager but it still hits
this sounds so effortless and breezy lol, this is what she wanted to achieve on some of the songs on Lover and it didn’t work there but works perfectly here. it really reminds me of Miley’s Disney stuff and Katy’s One of the Boys era songs
I mean it's a bit juvenile (to be expected) but it's not bad.
If this is about Joe Jonas... 🤮 Ain't u tired Ms. Taylor?
lol this is the first one i've liked
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