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Disney’s Cruella | Official Trailer 2

Tags: emma stone, film trailer / stills / clips

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Did Cruella really need an origin story?
So like the whole thing about the dogs is she hates Emma Thompson so she steals her dogs and therefore hates Dalmatians until the end of time? Cuz like I can get behind petty but idk to write a whole dog breed off because of the owner it's a bit on the nose of dog issues.
I always assumed in the OG movie that she was into dalmatians because their fur is black and white and she is all about black and white in her fashion. She is not after Anitas dogs because she hates dogs or Anita, she wants the puppy fur cause it's so soft and she is obsessed with fur clothing.
Lmao at Emma Thompson stealing the whole trailer from honorary half-Asian Emma Stone!
“See #Cruella​ in theaters and on #DisneyPlus​ with Premier Access May 28. Additional fee required.”

No. Shant.
every trailer nowadays has this ~fast's so overdone.
Nnnn that poster is so budget

I can’t believe they’re still doing this
We really don’t need a long drawn out ridiculous reason why she wanted the Dalmatians. It was literally that she wanted her perfect fur coat and them puppies had the look. That’s it. It’s all in the original movie. She’s a horrible lady who does horrible things. End movie.

But will watch for Emma. WHICH ONE THO!?
It’s getting weird...
That wig on the poster looks like the "crazy scientist" one I got for Halloween ten years ago.
I feel like some of you are missing the very important detail that this is a Disney movie, there's absolutely no way they'll show violence against animals. Unless one of the dalmatians is the king of the forest and a father, in which case they'll absolutely have Cruella kill him in front of his son.
I don't get how Emma Thompson being mean to her transitions into her skinning her puppies......
It was more believable that she's just crazy about fur like in the original. I'll still watch it probably (for free somewhere lol)
well im excited!
WOW. That poster has to be fake omg! It literally looks like one of those shitty pictures on Halloween costumes.

And that accent, oof. I love watching Disney fumble.
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