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Disney’s Cruella | Official Trailer 2

Tags: emma stone, film trailer / stills / clips

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I’ll certainly be watching this once it’s free on streaming. It looks entertaining and ridiculous enough.
I would be on board if this somehow wasn't about Cruella and just a stylish fashion rivalry with no puppy skinning implication.

But alas.
Ooh I like, it’s like an AU of “Wintour, but batshit”
just going by the outfits shown this looks like a dump, i was expecting more campy outfits



its really not shocking that Glenn wrote in her contract that she got to takes these home. these were so good.
yeah this new one is just embarrassing compared to these iconic looks. i do like the leather jacket tho.
that ones ok idk why its in all black though
SHE understood the assignment.


2 weeks ago

This new movie is so AGGRESSIVELY boring in comparison I cannot
That red coat is FABULOUS. I love how animated she is, she embodied that role so damn well
The impossible has happened, I finally want to see a Disney film.
stop. the curly wig in the poster LMFAO
they really called nicki and asked for her Lil Freak wig from 2010


April 7 2021, 14:38:16 UTC 2 weeks ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 14:43:26 UTC

sorry, the plot is little far fetched if you know the original Cruella. how bad is she going to be treated that she ends up skinning puppies? and wow that accent. wow its bad

a better plot would've been that she was from a rival fashion house. when the Emma Thompson character wrongs her she decides to get back at her by creating a one of kind garment made out of her beloved pets. and maybe its a thing she does. you fuck with her, she steals your pets and makes them into high fashion garments that she gifts to you.
cringey af
Why does the fashion look so moderrrrrrrrn, I hate it. Give me the campy fashion that another posted showed above! That was PEAK blending of pretentious then fashion and movie fashion.

This is going to be a waterdown bore that will have people going, 'Yessss Queen, SLAY IT.' like the fucking Maleficient movies annd I hate it.
right? based on the cars this takes place in the 60s. you can have a lot of fun with shapes and colors and HAIR! the 60'w was the perfect time for massive hair.
I still chuckle at the opening of Maleficient, because the film even didn't try to make me forget that Maleficient as her name literally means malice, evil and diabolical and they Disney expected the audience to pretend that someone named Evil was once good.
I'm curious about this
I'm not interested in this movie at all or this character, I mean... didn't she kill animals or I'm wrong? Will they glamorize this somehow? I don't care about the character's background story.
I'm only interested in The Little Mermaid, can't wait to see and listen to Halle! <3
She wanted to make a coat out of puppy fur...she likely never did the dirty work herself but the character is obsessed with fur so she has no problem with especially rare animals being skinned for their fur.
I assume they will show her starting that fur obsession in the movie somehow.
disney, gargoyles is Right There for you to make a live action adaptation of... instead of this.
Ooh which director would you like to see tackle that? In an ideal world Guillermo del Toro, but also James Wan, Jennifer Kent, Kiyoshi Kurosawa...idk someone with an intense gothic visual style.
I hadn't thought about it tbh. del Toror or Wan would be amazing. I haven't watched Kent or Kurosawa's work (I recognize it though), but horror isn't really my thing. I know Jordan Peele expressed interest years ago.

Whoever they get, I hope they work with the original creator. He's really passionate about it.


1 week ago

so confused how she's able to avoid jail time after destroying half of london, but okay.
No one asked for this!
wannabe harley/joker mix with boring clothes
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