p0uritup (p0uritup) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Henry Cavill goes public with his new girlfriend

The Witcher star Henry Cavill, has a girlfriend.

Henry appeared the picture of happiness as he was seen for the first time with his new blonde girlfriend.

They were papped holding hands during dog walk with his pooch Kal in London


Tags: henry cavill, new couple alert

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Whew, I’m glad she has picked up some goodwill after The Flight Attendant.
Katy's nail polish in that screen grab really upsets me
Are you Ellen Degeneres?
I will NEVER forget those posts lmao. So embarrassing for them. They walked so Benana (and Rodrigo) could run.

I can't remember important intellectual shit from my Master's degree but I remember THIS?



6 months ago

I can't believe this was in 2013.
the dates on these posts are killing me
YESssssS I thought it felt and looked familiar... here we go again!
What is time tbh


April 7 2021, 11:17:13 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 11:18:30 UTC

Hopefully she’s an adult. Remember when he dated a teenager?

Also, he doesn’t wear jeans very well.
mte those jeans look uncomfortable as fuck on him.
Lol comment twin!

For real, before The Witcher, the first sentence that came to mind when I heard his name was “remember when he dated a teenager?”
Most of the times he doesn't wear pants well, he needs a tailor for those big legs.
Hope she’s not a teenager this time
MY FIRST THOUGHT!!! “Okay, but how old is she?”
Oh how wonderful that he is able to date someone despite #metoo
Hopefully this one has already finished high school 😊
how old is she tho?
Whoever invented the term "loved-up" needs to be keelhauled.
I was reading a gossip article the other day and they referred to the couple as “the loved-up duo” four times
it reminds me of o brother where art thou. "they loved him up & turned him into a horny toad" lol

we thought........you was....a TOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAD.
need more pics of his dog, less of him and his high school gf
You read my mind
Show us the dog

Right?! I love Kal's sweet little face

And it's not me. Oh well.

I wish them an ounce of luck.
But how young is she?
My first thought
A very “protective” 23yrs is my guess
she's really mature for her age ok?!?!
I'm glad that all the comments so far p much echo my first thought. I'll just be biding my time until her age is released (or she is preemptively called an "old soul").
Those jeans look uncomfortable and ill fitting, my guy.

also the people or whatever
wtf is he wearing, from the neck down he looks like an overweight middle-aged woman
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