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Henry Cavill goes public with his new girlfriend

The Witcher star Henry Cavill, has a girlfriend.

Henry appeared the picture of happiness as he was seen for the first time with his new blonde girlfriend.

They were papped holding hands during dog walk with his pooch Kal in London


Tags: henry cavill, new couple alert

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He has weird proportions, those t-rex arms...
it's so interesting/hilarious to me that his wikipedia page has a lot to say about his personal life but makes no mention of his dating history lol. like nothing about kaley, and definitely nothing about gina carano who he adopted kal with!! iirc they got two dogs so she probably kept the other when they broke up? idk


April 8 2021, 03:01:27 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  April 8 2021, 03:02:05 UTC

i think wikipedia is monitored by celebs' publicists nowadays, some ppl have a lot of scandals/loud personal lives but u go to their wiki and the personal life section is teeny weeny.
hmmm I think Henry got Khal 4 or 5 years ago, not sure but it is recent, him and Gina were not together back then.


April 9 2021, 05:29:07 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  April 9 2021, 05:29:44 UTC

oh my b! must've been a different dog then
hopefully she's age appropriate


April 7 2021, 18:17:54 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 18:20:14 UTC

I’ll guess she’s 22/23. He’s never done it for me even though he’s conventionally good looking. He gives off posh rugby vibes.

heartbroken rn.
Wait...I thought he was gay?

Who am I mixing him up with? Too many superheroes/scifi character/actors to keep track of.
He looks like Matt Bomer who is openly gay. Who would have made a great superman but the industry is homophobic.
Maybe that's it. I don't know why I thought Henry was gay for the longest time. He's nice looking, but a bit too beefy for my taste.

Matt is cute and a good actor. Def the industry is homophobic. I watched him play the villain in the psychological detective series with Bill Pullman. Dude gave me the creeps.

I'm biased to Christopher Reeve though. He will always be my Superman/Clark Kent.
Oh my god his dog is sf cute can we get just photos of the dog on the walk oh my god look at him
Right? I'm googling the dog and oh my word, he's gorgeous!
She looks like your everyday, average chick. Imma says she is in her late 20s.

she's got the same eyebrows as that Big Bang Theory girl
and while it's hard to tell she can't even be close to 30, so I'm guessing 22-23 lol
Gimme the age of the gf. That’s the extent of my caring.
Uuuh those jeans ain’t it. He’s so good looking but can’t dress for shit

I bet she’s like 22
Hope this one is age appropriate.
#Natalie is sending me. It's like something from a Hallmark movie ("Omg, sis, I'm trending online as #Natalie! My private life is over!")
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