p0uritup (p0uritup) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Henry Cavill goes public with his new girlfriend

The Witcher star Henry Cavill, has a girlfriend.

Henry appeared the picture of happiness as he was seen for the first time with his new blonde girlfriend.

They were papped holding hands during dog walk with his pooch Kal in London


Tags: henry cavill, new couple alert

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Uggh shitty jeans, shit shoes just a tragically styled man.

Thick as fuck in wranglers, no no no.

not henry trying to show the girlies how thicc he is. the BBLs couldn't.
No straight men deserve to have a great ass like that lmao.

/ass envy
Everybody in here talking about how young this girl must be, but I don't see it. She doesn't look particularly younger than him.
I saw blonde hair and was nervous it was his co-star Freya. The gal that plays Ciri. She's what, 18, 19? Def in his usual demographic.
freya is like a little bean pole, it's def not her
Totally. There was a sigh of relief when I saw this gal’s gorgeous thighs, I tell you what.


5 days ago

I feel like Freya has zero interest in Henry
Not even as an actor
Ugh she’s so young but he would
let's hope she's not fresh out of high school this time!!
I am cackling... going through the same hoops on fire as Evans in a park.... entertainment knows no lockdown
thought that was kaley cuoco again. Those jeans are so bad on him lmao
I need pictures of the most important part of this trio. The dog. Pay the pet tax, Cavill!!
His outfit makes less sense than a randomized sim.




damn his ass is practically bursting out of those jeans.



April 7 2021, 14:53:25 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 14:53:53 UTC

I can appreciate his love for basic blondes to be honest... 😂😂

feels like we all have a good chance to climb on dat d.


April 7 2021, 15:11:02 UTC 6 days ago Edited:  April 7 2021, 15:11:37 UTC

Because these photos lack the most important thing, the dog's face, here you all go:

TIL this dude dated Gina Carano for 2 YEARS!!!
Says a lot about him IMO
omg i came here to say this/see if anyone else had! thank you!!! i'm pretty sure they adopted kal together lmao
He really said

HER? y i k e s
And some girl who beat her horses, right?

Like he has to be a right wing asshole himself. I know people think he's hot but his dating taste makes me suspect of who he is himself.


5 days ago

I had a busy morning on twitter when Gina was fired, telling people Henry used to date her and his stans came for me with their delusions. Granted, I was shit-stirring but the amount of women that were defending him and saying poor innocent men get trapped by evil [insert harsher derogatory words] women all the time made me really despair for humanity.
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