m. (neuers) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Quindon Tarver, of ‘Romeo + Juliet’ fame, has passed away

Tags: black celebrities, death, music / musician, nostalgia

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an immense talent
he deserved so much more
rip quindon
This is terribly sad. I was obsessed with R+J back in the day including the soundtrack. His voice rings so clearly in my head.

This is too awful
omg this is so horribly sad 😭 his cover of "when doves cry" is the best one by miles! i hope he's at peace now ☹️
ugh that video of him singing gives me chills, he was so talented :( rest in peace.

i was looking him up years and years ago because i was obsessed with his voice in r+j and was so sad to hear what he went through. he seemed to be very broken about it. i hope he found happiness before his death.
WHAT NO!!!! i just looked him a few months ago! god this is soooo sad, what a talented person. RIP ♥️😭
I'm so sorry to hear he was abused while trying to make it in the music business...fucking infuriating

he looked so young in R&J that I'm shocked we're the same age. RIP.
omg he's my age. I LOVED his When Doves Cry cover - it was so good in Romeo + Juliet.
So sad. His voice is the sound of early teens me. :(
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