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Quindon Tarver, of ‘Romeo + Juliet’ fame, has passed away


+ Quindon Tarver, who appeared as a choirboy in Baz Luhrmann’s 'Romeo + Juliet' and on seasons two and seven of American Idol, has passed away.
+ Tarver died in a car accident Thursday night. He was 38.

+ He performed covers of Prince’s “When Doves Cry” and Rozalla’s “Everybody’s Free” in the 1996 film.

+ His songs were also featured in the double platinum soundtrack to the movie.

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Tags: black celebrities, death, music / musician, nostalgia

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I used to listen to his version of when doves cry religiously. This is so sad. RIP
Same. It’s just so haunting and he really made it his own at such a young age and was able to make it an instant classic in its own right just like the original
This is so sad. His cover of When Doves Cry is iconic.
Oh man, that breaks my heart. My brain immediately snapped to his version of When Doves Cry the second I read his name. Such amazing talent.
So sad :(
When I posted a Romeo + Juliet soundtrack feature on my 90s Instagram, he commented gratitude several times. Seemed like a humble and down-to-earth guy
This is so tragic. He was too young. He had such immense talent.
Hope his loved ones are able to lean on each other. So sad.
Oh man, I just looked him up a few weeks ago. He was so talented, I feel for his friends and family.
Fuck. What a loss. His voice made me feel everything. RIP
I saw a few random/unconfirmed posts about his death online yesterday but I’d hoped it wasn’t true. Damn this makes me sad.
I can't
Oh man :( I absolutely loved that version of When Doves Cry and would play it all the time. Rest in peace.
He was so young :(

RIP ❤️
he was just two years older than me. fucking legend.

Omg no! I walked down the aisle at my wedding to his version of “Everybody’s Free” because this is my favorite movie. 😭

RIP, how awful, I’m really sad, 38 is too damn young.
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