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Josh Thomas Talks About Season Two of 'Everything's Gonna Be Okay' and His Recent Autism Diagnosis

Illustration by Max Dalton

The New Yorker has posted a new interview with Josh Thomas, creator and star of "Please Like Me" and "Everything's Gonna Be Okay." The interview goes on to discuss:

  • Thomas' stand-up comedy origins

  • How he finds material for his shows

  • How Thomas has approached difficult topics like depression, suicide, autism, and other mental health issues in his work

  • Thomas' work on his current show, "Everything's Gonna Be Okay" (a show on Freeform about a stepbrother who finds himself as the caregiver for his two teen stepsisters he barely knows, one of whom has autism, after their father dies), including how he became interested in creating a show about autism, the work he does to ensure authenticity, and his general approach to writing a television show

  • How Thomas discovered that he is autistic through his work on "Everything's Gonna Be Okay," how he intends to integrate that into his character on the show, how members of the autistic community have spoken to the ways his characters seem to display traits of autism before he was even diagnosed, and how his character on "Please Like Me" seems to him now a great example of an undiagnosed autistic person

"Everything's Gonna Be Okay" Season Two premieres Thursday, April 8 on Freeform.

The interview is a great read, especially if you're a fan of Thomas' work. And to see how a creator found his own diagnosis through the material they created is an interesting persepctive. If you haven't watched "Please Like Me" yet, I highly recommend it. It's even more interesting looking at it through the lens that Thomas has opened up now. Also, I couldn't find a good tag relating to mental health issues/discussions and 'health problems' seems problematic in this context.

Tags: ableism / disability rights, actor / actress, australian celebrities, interview, lgbtq film / media, television, television - freeform

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