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‘The Neighborhood’ Creator Jim Reynolds Exits As Showrunner Of Hit CBS Comedy Series After 3 Years

The Neighborhood tackles issues of race on-screen, based on personal experience. The sitcom is about a white Midwestern family adjusting to moving into a predominantly African-American neighborhood.

Jim Reynolds, creator, executive producer and showrunner of The Neighborhood, is leaving the popular CBS comedy series after three seasons. "At this moment, in light of everything going on in the world, I had concluded that I am not the right person to continue to tell these stories."

CBS Studios opted for a leadership change on The Neighborhood based on feedback, including complaints, it had received about Reynolds involving race-related issues over a period of time. Feedback from two Black writers who recently left the show after finishing work on Season 3. Efforts were made to remedy the situation over the last couple of years.

Reynolds made a decision to leave on his own just as the studio had come to a conclusion to replace him.

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