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3YE - Stalker MV

Hey you! Are you looking for a new kpop group who only has bops?
You came to the right post! Let me show you underrated kpop queens called 3YE!
This is their latest comeback! It's a bit generic unlike their previous ones, but it's still a BOP! They deserve more recognition!

  • MV

  • If you aren't into this version, try the chill remix:

  • They are great performers!

[Click here for more!!]

! I don't know if some of the hair choices in MVs are CA, so be aware of that... !

What do you think? Are they good? Do you like their music or you find it try hard? Do they deserve success or eternal nuguness? :(

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Tags: asian celebrities, cpop / jpop / kpop, new music post

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