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10 (5) Behind-the-Scenes Facts You Didn't Know About "Flavor of Love!"


Ever wonder how the ladiez of "Flavor of Love" got cast? Ever lie in bed dreaming of how you might get your ass cast on a future VH1 dating show, as I have? Wonder no more!

These are 10 (5) secrets of the VH1 casting for this show.

Shockingly, the casting standards were pretty low:

"I really don't think it was possible to be too crazy to be on 'Flavor Of Love' [...] If we just found a dope person who walks around in a clown suit all the time who wants to make love to Flavor Flav, that's awesome."

Flavor Flav can be insecure:

Producer: "We first went to Flav and said, 'Flav, we're gonna put you in a house and there's going to be 20 women,' he said, 'Aw Mark [...] they're never gonna pick me.' And I said 'Flavor you don't understand. You will be picking them.'"

Some of the women were genuine fans who were attracted to Flavor Flav. Yes, for real:

"We had a lot of fan contact from when he [Flavor Flav] was on 'The Surreal Life' and 'Strange Love', and we used anybody who had directly contacted us or even posted about him."

Again, shockingly, some of the women had ulterior motives:

"For the second season, it was women lined up around the corner for casting calls... Eventually it's going to come out that you're just there for ulterior motives."

Yes, Hottie was really that crazy:

"She was such a piece of work. She really wanted to marry him and move into that mansion."

how far would you have gotten on Flavor of Love?

nobody would have cast me
I would be a forgotten cast member
I would get to the middle for the booze
I would go far bc of my crazy drama
I would be a final pick and be a reality icon forever
Flav and I would be engaged and in his mansion rn

Tags: 2000s, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), reality show - vh1, television - vh1

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