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Behind the Scenes of Amazon's Paid Twitter Army

If you have been on Twitter recently, you may have seen random people with icons that are too close to the camera kissing Amazon's ass and defending their poor warehouse practices.

Anyone under the age of 32 could see these were fake, but what we didn't know, was how far the rabbit hole went.

The documents are amazing; It's basically a style guide on how to lie to people.

  • People are taken off the warehouse floor to go into a room and put on a persona for a few hours.

  • They're handpicked for their "Sense of Humor"

  • They brang about how many bathrooms the facility has, ignoring that the issue isn't buildings having basic humanity codes, but the fact that you can't use them.

  • The guide also heavily emphasizes Bernie Sanders, who recently supported the Unionizing Amazon workers in Alabama.

My favorite parts are how the held-at-gunpoint-to-be-nice employees slip and say "I'm barely scraping by as it is".

(Hint: The actual bots have been deleted en masse. The people Cosplaying having decent working conditions? Who knows!)

This is not the first time Amazon has bribed employees to paint them in (piss) glowing images on social media, as this previously happened in 2018. This entire thing resurfaced after the Amazon News(?) account got human-ly defensive about the reports of delivery drivers peeing in bottles and defecating in bags to deliver you your vibrator.

After using an image of a "popular" youtuber, someone caught 'em slipping; They changed to a digitally generated image.

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I read the entire guide yesterday and it is so corporate.
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