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ONTD Original: The messiness of the most powerful director in Bollywood: Karan Johar

Let OP educate y'all a little before starting this post:

Karan Johar is one of the most powerful people in Bollywood if not THE most powerful and influential. He's a director, producer, talk show host, stylist etc. Karan has the power to make or break careers. He has directed and written iconic Bollywood movies like: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna, Student of the Year, Ae Dil Hae Mushkil, and more.

Karan has a net worth of more than $200 million and his talk show: Koffee with Karan has been the #1 celeb talk show for many years. That being said his talk show is a total shit show lol in which he encourages Bollywood stars to bitch about each other, gossip and pries them about their sex lives. Basically Karan Johar is a MESSY ass bitch who lives for drama except he has the power to destroy people's careers if he feels like it.

Flagbearer of Nepotism

Karan has launched and MADE the careers of many nepo actors be it iconic talented actors like Kajol and Rani Mukherjee to talented Alia Bhatt but also talentless charmeless actors like Ananya Panday and Tiger Shroff.

He is also known to directly favor and be nicer to nepo actors than outsiders. He pays attention ot outsiders if they're extraordinarly good looking: Siddharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan, otherwise he's known to using dirty tricks to make sure his favorite nepos get the best and biggest roles.  He is an elitist.

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut (who's a nutjob herself and even MORE problematic than Karan) called him out on it directly to his face and the problematic sis was 100% RIGHT!

Others have also shaded him to his face about his love for nepotism.

Karan had this to say to defend himself against the "flagbearer of nepotism" title:

"I always say that nepotism exists in Bollywood like it does in many industries. Yes, it gives you access and it gives you the privilege of your first opportunity, but if you fall or fail, you will be out. While there are 5 or 10 examples of nepotistic stars achieving something, there are 300 who are not on the radar anymore. I mean there are enough and more of movie stars who are not from the film industry who are phenomenal movie stars today. This conversation started on my show, so I feel like I’m partially responsible for it,” he said.

“Kangana [Ranaut] came, said what she had to and left, caused the storm and it continues to have this impact. I’m not even holding anything against her. She said what she had to. Honestly, if you ask me, I don’t think Kangana even realised what she was saying would cause this stir. If I feel Varun Dhawan is good for the part, so what if he is David Dhawan’s son? Should I not launch him and find somebody just because I should not adhere to this nepotism phenomenon? I never said I was running an NGO. I’m running a bona fide commercial entity. I’m very excited to introduce new talents. Some will be from the fraternity, some will not. I’m done with being apologetic about it".

Karan's company's latest Nepo launch is Shanaya Kapoor. Shanaya is the daughter of Maheep and Sanjay Kapoor. Sanjay is a D-list Bollywood actor but him and his wife have many connections in the industry. Both are close friends with Shah Rukh Khan and Shanaya is best friends with his daughter Suhana.

Shanaya had to get her entire face done and get a desi Bella Hadid makeover for Karan to launch her....

But now that she's done so and is ready for her debut.....Watch Shanaya's sexually objectified launch video here:

Inappropriate questions/prying to Bollywood actors/directors about their sex lives/sexuality

Karan LIVES to know all about the sex lives of Bollywood stars (and I mean this is ONTD so I guess we can't judge him on that lol).

The celebs know definitely know they're going to be asked about their sex lives too when they go on the show as well as but Karan does seem to cross the line sometimes.

Karan also always asks straight male actors about who they would have a "gay encounter" with at gunpoint and it's supposed to be this fun lighthearted question, when it's straight up fucked up and is sexual assault...

Kangana Ranaut is still calling out Karan saying his show is all about bullying, bitching, gossiping and "frustrated sex"

Interfering in his friends' relationships

The Priyanka Chopra Jonas/Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) 6 year (2011-2017) extramarital affair has been covered here plenty in Bollywood posts.

So just to summarize again, even though Karan is best friends with both SRK and his wife Gauri Khan, he is way closer friends with Gauri. And took Gauri's side 100% over both SRK and Priyanka even though SRK and Priyanka are A-list stars and Gauri's just a star wife (at least he's a loyal friend?)

From 2011-2013 Karan Johar tried his best to ruin her reputation and try to ban her from Bollywood parties/events. At the peak of the affair drama, it was said that Karan removed Priyanka from the guest list of his birthday party and then SRK made him add her back on the guestlist lol.

Karan also publicly blasted Priyanka on Twitter after she gave a statement blaming star wives for their men's wandering penises:

“Priyanka has done nothing wrong. If these women are insecure about their relationships with their husbands, they should sort it out with them, at home".

Karan attacked Priyanka for being using her "PR machinery"

Karan DID later apologize for his tweets about Priyanka:

“I picked up the phone and reacted like a pressure cooker. Then I realised it wasn’t worth it. I called her and said I was turning 40. I have a great EQ (emotional quotient) with her. I’ve shared several warm moments with PeeCee. Since I am the older one, I decided to be mature.”

Karan at that time was also seen publicly insulting Priyanka at a party.

The Times of India reported that a “certain friend of Priyanka Chopra was saying that the actor heard [expletive/curse] comments about her being made by a powerful producer-director."
Here’s the story:
They were at Apoorva Mehta’s birthday bash (who is Karan’s best friend), where it was reported that Karan and Priyanka were all good because onlookers said that he even fed her a cupcake. However, a friend overheard complaining about her which was then reported by TOI.
“PC is upset and flummoxed by the campaign unleashed by a powerful producer-director who can make and break careers in Bollywood,” said the source.

In 2013, the Bombay Times published an entire page on how no one wanted to work with Priyanka. People thought and still think this was Karan's work to try to tarnish her reputation.

Anyways after 2013, things calmed down. SRK and Priyanka stopped being so obvious in public and SRK and Priyanka did get good roles in Bollywood because things do eventually work out for you when you have SRK on your side. Karan Johar and Gauri Khan tried it.

Priyanka and Karan are at least publically cordial to each other now. Karan has invited Priyanka back on her show and asked her more questions about her sex life lol.

As far as Karan's friendship with SRK is concerned, they are publicly friendly again and attended each others' parties and stuff. But Karan has written in his book on how he and SRK aren't close like they used to be.

Karan Johar is also rumored to have set up all of Alia Bhatt's relationships, whether its with Sid Malhotra, rumors with Varun Dhawan and her current relationship with Ranbir Kapoor.

At the Ambani wedding, Karan publicly claimed that Alia better hold on tight to Ranbir and marry him before he cheats on her...

Encouraging misogynistic behaviors

Watch the clip below and try not to feel grossed out as Ranveer Singh haraases Anushka Sharma on if she "wants her ass pinched". Anushka looks on to Karan for dear help but Karan just sits there laughing and clearly enjoying himself like an idiot.


mods pls accept asap lol these originals take a lot of effort considering the messiness of the people involved lol
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