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The View: Robin Roberts, Miguel Cardona, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi (Thu), Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana (Fri), and Meghan

Show is on Spring Break this week, recap for last Thu-Fri

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Friday Biden Press Conference

The media, who has been bleating about a Biden Press Conference since Day 1, proved themselves to be amateur hacks by asking the dumbest questions ever, and not one single question about covid, gun control, or race relations. What kind of dum dum reporter asks if Biden will run for re-election in 2024 and whether Harris will be his running mate. What a colossal failure by the press. Ana gets to rant again, her fun Friday smackdown. The right is foolish for continuing to portray Biden as a senile man. Sunny talks about the GA election legislature, which was wow, so openly racist, and they arrested a Black elected official for -knocking on a door-. It’s now a crime in GA for a volunteer to give food or drink to a voter waiting in a line. Sara liked that the press conference was uneventful.

Nobody cares what Me-again and her I Dream of Jeanie hair had to say.

Hot Topic Friday Secretary Dr Miguel Cardona

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona talks about identity politics, representation, diversity, getting schools re-opened, addressing the impact of kids -especially children- who missed a year of socialization and formal education. Muted MAM. Sunny talks about teacher vaccinations, mandatory policy. Mitigation strategies are a priority, but schools can re-open before educators are fully vaccinated, particularly in smaller communities or school districts. Social distancing change for kids vs adults.

More talk about the investment from American Rescue Plan to overcome covid learning gaps. Emphasis on social and emotional support. Some discussion about school shootings.

*Fellow white people should stop worrying about identity politics. Most hiring leaders don’t hire completely unqualified people. Diverse workforces are better workforces. If you see it, you can be it! Representation matters.

Hot Topic Friday Are Dad Bods Sexy

Self-named Buzzkill Behar says a new survey says singles want Dad Bods and love handles. Sara wants little handles, and doesn’t want someone making her feel insecure. Ana is in to nerdy science sexy. Sunny thinks the survey was written by a man, and taken by a lot of men, lol. The survey offered Hugh Jackman, ?,? they can’t remember! Joy thinks women are harder on each other than men.


Hot Topic Thursday VP Harris Runs Point on Border Control

Performative racist screeching from the GQP about border control who spent the last 4 years looking the other way while T45 did everything wrong. Complete with the Seditious Senators and their dumb boat ride (over weekend), trying to distract from Biden 72% approval on covid handling. Joy drags Jeanine Pirro (Fox) after she made inhumane comments about immigrants. Sara thinks it’s good to have Harris putting focus on a long standing issue. Biden is addressing pandemic, it’s right to have someone take it as a central focus. Muted Me-again with her Victorian chiffon and cruller pastry hair. Sunny points out why Harris has qualifications moreso than SHE IS THE VICE PRESIDENT. Calls out gaslighting by GQP that it’s a new crisis, instead of a decades long crisis made worse by T45. Whoopi reminds that sure Biden wants to fix it, but it’s not even been 100 days.

Hot Topic Thursday Chrissy Teigen Quit Twitter

Old news by now and nobody says Chrissy herself has been perfect during her 10 years on the platform, but she quit for her own mental health. She's still on Insta. Summary:

Sunny talks about protecting her own mental health and the kind of vitriol women in particular face from trolls on twitter. Sara talks about muting instead of blocking because they don’t know it, but it protects you the same way. Me-again makes it AboutHer™ of course. [Quit twitter, Me-again, you won’t be missed]. Thinks she ‘has’ to be on twitter, hahaha No you don’t. She just goes on and on and on. [Shut up, you trend because you say ridiculous things, which you could… not say ridiculous things]. Joy supports Chrissy, and she points out she mostly ignores twitter. Whoopi ignores it too. Lol @ side shade to Me-again who claims she has to be on twitter for her job!

Hot Topic Thursday Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts is exec producing a Lifetime tv movie Mahalia about civil rights icon and gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. Promotes the film, talks about the actress who will play her, what drew her to making this film. Tries to make sure 50% of crew are women. She also talks about her GMA colleagues coping with filming their show during covid. The movie premieres on Saturday 3rd April.

Hot Topic Thursday Sesame Street 50 Years!

Ooh I might watch this!

April 26th on ABC Sesame Street: 50 Years of Sunny Days. This is a two-hour documentary special highlighting the 50-year impact of the iconic show and the nonprofit behind it. Whoopi has been a guest more than any other celebs, thinks they show all of her appearances. The panel talks about its impact. Joy thinks Whoopi /was/ cute lol.

Hot Topic Thursday Kris Jenner Has Always Been a Grifter

Kris Jenner lifelong grifter says she didn’t pay any bills when she was married. The panel talks about if, when, and how they became financially literate. Highly underrated topic, should be a course in school starting young, like as young as a child would get an allowance, and continue through high school, with curriculum adjusting for age and life circumstances. If you’re in a relationship, consider a joint account for household necessities, but separate accounts for personal use. Your money, your choice.

Ontd did someone teach you about handling your money?

Yes I'm so glad
No I'm so sad
Give me money and advice!
I have questions (in comments)

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