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Like an unmade bed.

Mark Hunter aka The Cobra Snake looks back on his life in parties

LOL, this screencap. He was the photographer at Malibu High School's prom, where Gigi and Bella Hadid went to school. Anyways...

-He grew up in Hollywood and his mom was a dental hygienist to the stars
-He thought the people attending concerts were dressed up with cool looks, and wanted to capture that as opposed to the band
-He met Cory Kennedy at a punk show and she was wearing a Lacoste polo dress, which he found interesting because who wears that to a punk show? (he mentions they dated but not that he was 21 and she was 16)
-At 7:05 he analyzes a photo of Taylor Swift and Sky Ferreira at Katy Perry's birthday party
-He says he had a good relationship with Lindsay Lohan because she trusted him to take her photos
-He's proud that he created the job of "party photographer" (did he though? in the same way Paris Hilton created the selfie?)

The Cobra Source
Tags: 2000s, internet celebrities, nostalgia, where are they now

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