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The View: Cynthia Erivo, Courney Vance, Andy Cohen, Ayanna Howard, Joe Neguse, William Shatner, ...

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana (Mon), and Meghan (Tue-Wed)

Icymi 🗣 Me-again McCain called out chicken on Monday because John Oliver Last Week Tonight dragged her on his show the previous night, for her making anti Asian remarks. Her ugly clothes and even worse hair then atoned for her racist ways by claiming identity politics of hiring diverse employees shouldn’t be a priority over actual qualifications, so says the woman with a BA in Art History whose only qualification for her Ivy League college and job(s) has been MyFather™ name recognition.

More behind the cut

Hot Topic AAPI Representation

Sen Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) said she would vote No on future Biden admin until more AAPI representation exists in the admin. Then, after multiple conversations with Biden and surrogates, she stated she would support his staff and goals and said there has been promise of AAPI Liaison to bring more awareness and representation of AAPI community. Sunny thinks her approach was fine and good for her. Sara also agrees that it was a good approach. Me-again and her stupid hair will make you rage mid-way through segment and bemoans the impact on white straight people men. [I’d also like to point out that racist Me-again didn’t apologize ON AIR for her anti Asian remarks that she said previously ON AIR.] Joy calls out the legacy impact (lool). Inexplicably they go back to Me-again who already blathered about this long enough the first time. Sunny brings it home.

Hot Topic Rep Joe Neguse (D-CO)

Rep Joe Neguse (D-CO) talks about the tragedy in Boulder CO. More talk about the Boulder vote to ban assault weapons, that was overturned by a Judge a mere 10 days before the mass shooting. The shooter bought his weapons 4 days later. The Judge ruled the law unenforceable at city level, claiming it could only be at state or federal level. Biden is calling again for ban on assault weapons and mass capacity magazines. The GQP claims it won’t reduce deaths, which is a lie based on stats from the previous assault weapons ban timeframe. The panel and Neguse talk about the futility of these conversations and what it will take to make a change. Muted MAM.

Hot Topic A Whole Day for Equal Pay

The segment was derailed by Joy and Sunny having tech issues and being frozen on screen. Stop punishing women for having babies, and offer family leave for dads as well. [Sidebar, Europe and Scandinavia in particular is parental leave goals]

Hot Topic William Shatner

William Shatner is 90 years old. William Shatner is 90 years old. William Shatner is 90 years old. William Shatner is 90 years old. William Shatner is 90 years old. William Shatner is 90 years old. William Shatner is 90 years old. William Shatner is 90 years old. William Shatner is 90 years old. William Shatner is 90 years old. He talks about his film Senior Moment which starts Friday in cinemas and On Demand, how he celebrated his birthday. Tells jokes. Still rides motorcycles, horses. Plus Unexplained on History Channel. More about the film, which includes Christopher Lloyd and Jean Smart. Gives advice from his old age wisdom. Life is a journey. Talks about Star Trek. He would only consider reprising Capt Kirk if it was integral to story, not a cameo. Whoopi said she finally felt good for the future when she saw a Black person on Star Trek (previously wondering if no Black people were part of the future).


Hot Topic Tuesday Colorado Tragedy

The second mass shooting in one week. Boulder residents voted on assault weapon ban. The NRA sued and won an injunction 10 days prior to the shooting in Boulder. Literally 4 days after this court victory, the shooter purchased his weapons used to gun down innocent people at the market. The panel says all the normal things, it’s exhausting to talk about this all the time. Shut up Meghan. Ban assault weapons like Clinton did, which showed an obvious reduction in mass shootings. Bush43 let the ban lapse in 2003 and mass murders with AR-xx style weapons have skyrocketed since then. The NRA is a terr0rist organization. Full stop.

Hot Topic Tuesday Free Krispy Kreme for Covid Vaxx

Harmless promo and if it works, then great. Nobody cares about the nutrition factor of a Krispy Kreme (or lackthereof) lol. Find your spot, get your shot. And if it gets you a free donut, well there you go. Joy says withhold stimulus check, better incentive! Sidebar but Ben Affleck would get a lot of good press if he paid for everyone to get a free Dunkin Doughnut for getting their covid vaxx since he’s so obsessive about Dunkin.

Hot Topic Tuesday Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen is promoting his new show For Real on E! about the realities behind reality tv. He talks about his son, covid, RH of /all of them/, being an older parent, a viral clip on IG with Anderson Cooper chasing Ben, the elephant on the floor is awesome. He dishes on his new show.

Hot Topic Tuesday Dr Ayanna Howard

This was fascinating and also good representation for Smart Black Women

Dr Ayanna Howard is the first female Dean of College of Engineering at Ohio State and has a book Sex Race & Robots (with audio narrated by Amandla Stenberg). She’s an expert in robotics and AI. She talks about her narrative, what drew her to this field, the Bionic Woman on TV (!), she’s often the -first- but she’s stubborn and driven. She talks about racism in robotics in a unique way. Robots are not directly racist, but how they’re (innocently) programmed can create scientific biases that affects demographics in unique areas. They talk about the bad possibilities of robots and AI like Ex Machina. She talks more about how robots have capacity to learn empathy and takes the optimistic route. They talk about women only 20% of STEM workforce.


Hot Topic Monday Jacob Soboroff

Jacob Soboroff is promoting his book Separated: Inside an American Tragedy and is profiting off the never-ending border control issues*. Biden is still in first 100 days and inherited a *four years long* disaster from T45, but the MSM isn’t happy unless it’s driving rage clicks and creating false narratives. The GQP latching onto this is (a) distraction and typical politics and (b) racist and no surprise from GQP. It remains complicated and no remarks from US leadership (good or bad) is going to stop people fleeing terrible circumstances.

Jacob with luscious hair explains what Biden is doing differently. Facilities are either different, or being renovated to be more humane to the asylum seekers. They discuss whether it’s a mistake to restrict media access to facilities holding minors (without mentioning that the occupants are minors and shouldn’t be photographed for clicks on the internet).

*Actual numbers this way and related article here

Hot Topic Monday FL Spring Break Super Spreader

The youngs are still trying it. Then returning to their home states to infect those not yet vaccinated. Seems excessive force with pepper spray and policing to poc vacationers vs white vacationers. Ana who is in Miami backs up Sunny on racial disparity. Has her Friday rant on Monday about the disproportionate impact of covid on poc.

Hot Topic Monday Kancel Kylie

The panel covers Kylie and her tone deaf plea for followers to donate to fmr MUA’s gofundme, which she only donated $5K. This whole family bleh. She could’ve (a) donated but kept her mouth shut, (b) covered all of it but kept her mouth shut, or (c) done nothing but kept her mouth shut. These performative grifters paved the way for the Trump degenerates and they should all go away.

Hot Topic Monday Cynthia Erivo and Courtney B Vance

Cynthia Erivo and Courtney B Vance promote Genius Aretha on National Geographic channel, then Hulu. They both talk about how they came into the role, Aretha’s influence on them, literally and metaphorically. CE talks about her process of signing her songs. She sings one of Aretha’s songs live, telling a story. CBV talks about Aretha's activism and his own history.


Star Trek
Star Wars
Jar Jar Binks

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