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The most outdated tech in music, from Britney's emails to Pulp's 'Ansaphone'

Kelly Rowland's Excel-as-a-text-message impact!

Celebrities love referencing technology in their music, except it leaves them sounding dated af. Four examples under the cut (and more at the source).

Britney Spears - Email My Heart (1999)
Appearing on her first CD, her reasoning was, “Everyone has been doing emails... so everyone can relate to that song.” A true chanteuse of the people!

Destiny's Child - Bug-A-Boo (1999)
"You make me want to throw my pager out the window." Does Gen Z even know what this means!?!111

Pulp - Ansaphone
Any excuse to get some Pulp coverage on ONTD! An Ansaphone was a specific brand of answering machine. Poor Jarvis Cocker wonders if his calls are being screened.

Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator (1981)
A simpler time when Apple vs. Android wank didn't exist: Attract a lover with the calculator in your pocket! “I am adding and subtracting, I’m controlling and composing / By pressing down a special key, it plays a little melody.”

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ONTD, has your love life been impacted by any outdated technologies?
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