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ONTD Original: 5 Times Brad Pitt Got away with sh!t

So i decided to make this post because i feel like Brad Pitt fails upwards and nothing seems to stick for him in a negative way. I guess the media really loves him? Don't know, but i hope this post is informative to you as it was for me when i found out about most of these things about a year or so ago.

1. Dating a Minor

So Mr Pitt started dating Shalane McCall after appearing in 4 episodes of the show. Supposedly they started dating in January 1987 back when she was 14 years old (she was born September 1972) and he 23. The broke up after a year and 3 months.

Source: https://www.whosdatedwho.com/dating/brad-pitt-and-shalane-mccall

2. Dating a Minor part 2

His relationship with Christina Applegate began in early 1989 and ended in October just a month before she turned 18. Brad was 25 at the time.
Source: https://www.whosdatedwho.com/dating/christina-applegate-and-brad-pitt

3. Dating a Minor part 3

This one began in early 1990 and since Juliette was born in June 21st of 1973 we are not sure if she was 16 or 17 at the time they began their relationship but what we do know is that she was young and that he was already 26 years old.

Source: https://www.whosdatedwho.com/dating/brad-pitt-and-juliette-lewis

4. Neglecting his daughter

In an interview with Total Film Magazine back in 2007 Brad says he had a few drinks while babysitting Zahara and she had a piece of ice that had been dropped on the floor, so like all babies do she put it in her mouth and almost choked on it. He tells this story to reflect on why he decided to cut down (instead of stopping) his alcohol intake.    

Source: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/entertainment/brad-pitt-parenting-with-a-hangover-is-a-misery/DXOMACONFQ7AO2YXL5XNJQAO4M/

5. Make It Right foundation post-Katrina houses full of mold

So, after Huricane Katrina hit the people form New Orleans really hard Brad's Make It Right foundation donated homes to those left homeless by the hurricane but it turns out the company that built them did not make a good job and and the bad construction caused them to have mold, poor air quality, structural failures, among other mishaps. The mold caused some homeowners to get sick too. All of this led to a lawsuit to which later Pitt lawyers asked the judge to dismiss the claims against the actor because eventhough he lent his celebrity to the cause (and gained very good publicity from it) he shouldn't be held responsible for the construction of buldings.                                        

ONTD, Do you get away with shady things because you're hot or used to be?
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