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Brad Pitt heartbroken over Angelina Jolie abuse allegation "leak"

A source close to Brad Pitt that's totally not Brad Pitt's PR team tells Page Six that Brad is absolutely heartbroken by the recent story about his abuse allegations. Also, the kids have been interviewed by court-appointed therapists, but it is believed recent reports that eldest son Maddox, 19, gave negative testimony against Pitt are untrue.

That totally well-meaning source tells Page Six: “Brad is heartbroken that Angelina has gone that route. There’s a lot of emotion left after their marriage. He has taken responsibility for his actions and owned up to his past issues, he’s stopped drinking. The marriage was very passionate and toxic at times and — like all couples — they had fights, but also shared many good times together. He has talked about his drink and drug problems during the time they were together.”

Brad Pitt's team would also like you to know that Pitt has never been arrested or charged for any offense during his marriage to Jolie, nor were there any police reports made about any allegations of spousal abuse, and he was never charged for the airplane incident.

“Brad and his camp has never attacked Angelina. But his camp feels this leak was calculated to sway opinion ahead of the conclusion of their trial,” the source said. “Brad feels like he’s being more and more isolated from his children, and he’s devastated about it.”

OP would like to remind everyone that Angelina and her camp leaked nothing to anyone, The Blast obtained the public court records.

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