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Chanmina Releases MV for Bijin and Tweets about Beauty Standards and Harassment during her Debut

(Trigger Warning: Suicide is depicted in the music video)

Japanese and Korean singer/rapper Chanmina released her new single "Bijin" (T/N: beauty/ a beautiful person). The music video has English subtitles, which I strongly recommend to understand the song and music video.

For the release, Chanmina also tweeted about the meaning of the song, specifically how it ties back to people shaming her looks when she debuted. Note: These are rough translations using Japanese I learned back at high school, a Japanese-English dictionary, and some liberation with wording (usually indicated by brackets) if it doesn't translate well directly, so it may not be fully accurate.
Edit: Added corrections provided by roomgirl.

At 2017,
I [debuted and] immediately became well-known.
Most of the comment section on my music video criticized my looks.
I was 17 at that time.
I felt sad no matter what I did.
My face broke out in acne
and lost 16kg (approximately 35 pounds) from stress.
I remembered the comment section at that time [saying things like], "you became pretty" or "share your diet tips please".

I have yet to share this on social media,
but to whoever said those words:
I was in despair everyday during that time
and remember every word I was told.
I can never forgive someone who says whatever they want about a woman.

So I made Bijin (the song).
These are the feelings that have built up [inside] over the past four years.
If I can convey this properly,
and save someone with this song,
I feel I can save [my past] self.

The music video has some exciting scenes, but
I spent four months (this was technically the third line, but moved to the start for translation)
gaining 10kg (approximately 22 pounds) to [shoot some parts of the video],
then losing 15kg (approximately 33 pounds) to [shoot other parts of the video].
I don't think I'll do this again,
but I'm glad that I did it.

please express your true beauty confidently,
beautiful women all over the country.

It took me a long time but,
I am very happy now.

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I was originally going to do a J-Pop masterpost, but felt this deserved its own post. Maybe I'll get around a J-Pop masterpost eventually? lol
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