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ONTD Original - Dream collaborations between kpop and western artists

In the past months, we had a few Kpop/Western artists collabs, but most of them felt a bit "label/managment" oriented, rather than an artistic choice. So I took matters into my own hands, suggesting collabs that would actually make a lot of sense and the concept they should go for. Please, also leave your suggestions!

Sunmi feat. Dua Lipa

Concept: Disco Queens

Both girls are known for their disco tracks and would make a fun collab with stunning visuals!

Alternatives: Sunmi feat. Kylie Minogue or Chungha feat. Dua Lipa

IU feat. Taylor Swift

Concept: Cute wholesome song

Both chart queens have delicated voices and would make a sweet song named "Alice", "Madeleine", "Yellow dress" or something like that.

Alternatives: Taylor Swift feat. Eric Nam or IU feat. Olivia Rodrigo

Hyukoh feat. Lorde

Concept: indie/cool kids

Rock-pop band Hyukoh would be a great match to Lorde's vibe.

Alternatives: Hyukoh feat. HAIM or Lorde feat. Black Skirts

Rihanna feat. CL

Concept: baddest female Bad Girls

Just imagine them being bad ass together!

Alternatives: CL feat. A$AP Rocky or Rihanna feat. Mino

Lee Hi feat. Demi Lovato

Concept: Self-love/High notes

Vocal queens Lee Hi and Demi Lovato often talk about self-love and mental health, so I think they could come up with something beautiful.

Alternatives: Lee Hi feat. Sam Smith or Demi Lovato feat. Ailee

Key (Shinee) feat. Troye Sivan

Concept: Boys just wanna have fun

Just imagine a light-hearted midtempo bop and cute music video.

Alternatives: Key feat.
Carly Rae Jepsen or Troye Sivan feat. Lee Suhyun (AKMU)

Taemin (Shinee) feat. Bruno Mars

Concept: Press Your Number  Dancing Kings

A long time ago Teamin bought a Bruno Mars demo and their voices actually go really well in the same kind of music, plus they are both great dancers!

Alternatives: Bruno Mars feat. Seventeen or Tinashe feat. Taemin

Suzy feat. Selena Gomez

Concept: Sexy whispering queens

We all know Suzy has been inspired by Bad Liar, so why not make a song together?

Alternatives: Selena feat. Gain or Suzy feat. Shawn Mendes

Dean feat. Chloe x Halle

Concept: Perfect R&B vocals

Dean is a talented producer and singer, the girls are amazing, they would sound heavenly together.

Alternatives: Dean feat. Doja Cat or Chloe X Halle feat. DPR Ian

Sources - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

(Ok, trying again! The first time I struggled finding sources, but now decided to link their youtube channels as a way of promo too)
Tags: bruno mars, chloe x halle, cpop / jpop / kpop, demi lovato, dua lipa, lorde, ontd original, rihanna, selena gomez, taylor swift

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