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The Midsommar May Queen

Steven Yeun Slept Through the Oscar Nominations; Walking Dead Cast Reacts

Steven Yeun, who just scored a history-making Oscar nod for Best Actor, tried to sleep through the nominations but eventually had to get up when his phone blew up with calls and texts.

"I tried really hard to go back to sleep, and I’m still tired. I apologize, I don’t even know what’s happening right now. It just feels very surreal. I still haven’t processed it."

When asked what was up for him next, the still groggy Steven said, "I don’t want to make things heavy, but we’re still in the throes of the pandemic, and I’m still trying to process where I’m at and what I’ve learned and what’s to come. But I have a lot of faith and hope in the future, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s to really try to root myself in the present and take account of what’s happening now."

In other news, the Walking Dead cast reacts to Steven's nomination!

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Tags: award show - academy awards, celebrity reactions, steven yeun, the walking dead / ftwd (amc)

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