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5 upcoming games to look forward to

5. Black Myth: Wukong

Chinese Indie Developers Game Science kind of took the gaming community by storm when they released a 13 minute gameplay trailer of their new game, Black Myth: Wukong, back in August 2020. Based on Journey To The West, the player controls legendary mythological legend Sun Wukong in this souls-like game. The developers said they hope to release the game by 2023, so we'll still be waiting a while for it. The game will be available in X-Box, PlayStation and PC.

4. Eastward

In a pixelated post-apocalyptic world, a miner finds a mysterious girl named Sam and the two embark on an emotional journey to find out the truth about her origins. This is probably one of the best looking pixel games I've ever seen. The release date is still TBD but it'll come available on PC, Mac and the Switch.

3. Bloodlines 2

The series is based on the table-top role playing game "Vampire: The Masquerade" which presents a universe where vampirism is a carefully guarded secret to the human population. In Bloodlines 2, you'll play as a human newly turned in an event called the "Mass Embrace," where rogue vampires publicly attacked humans. The game will be available on PlayStation, XBox and PC. I don't know what the release date is anymore. When I went to look it up for this post I saw that the production of the game has switched developers. It was supposed to come out this year, but it might be pushed back to 2022?

2. Rune Factory 5

I. Fricking. LOVE. Rune Factory. Seriously, an extremely underrated series. Rune Factory is a spin-off of Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons that's more RPG-based. So it's a farming simulation game that also has monster combat. Instead of buying animals for your farm, you fight and tame them. If you're a fan of Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, you should absolutely check this series out. Like those games, you build your farm from the ground up. There's a host of NPCs for you to befriend and even marry if you want to. The game will release in May in Japan and it'll hopefully come out sometime this year world-wide. It'll be available to play on the Switch.

1. Witchbrook

This game is from Chucklefish, the company behind Stardew Valley. You play as a student in a magic school academy. So anyone who's interested in the Harry Potter game should consider playing this one instead. In Witchbrook, you'll build relationships with fellow students, develop your magic powers by attending classes, and participate in extracurricular activities. So like, Stardew Valley but make it magic. There's no release date for this game. Chucklefish is a "zero-crunch" studio (good for them) and their attitude towards making games seems to be "it'll come out when it comes out." So far it's only set to be available for PC. But if it follows the same trend as Stardew, it might become available for the Switch later on.

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What upcoming games are you guys excited for?
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