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A Eurovision 2021 Roundup

Eurovision was CANCELLED last year due to the Pandemic despite some flop countries finally having a good entry (*cough, Germany, cough*). Anyway, here's a little roundup of my top 10 favourite entries announced so far followed by a list of all the rest of the confirmed Eurovision 2021 entries. Eurovision WILL be happening WITHOUT an audience. It's the socially distanced, virtual, European event of the year!! Hold onto your butts, this post is video and link HEAVY.

San Marino
Senhit - Adrenalina (Featuring Flo Rida)

Yes, Americans, you read that right - Flo Rida is technically a part of Eurovision this year! Will he BE THERE? No idea. But he's in the song!


Always.So.Fucking.Good! 12 Points from ME!

Måneskin - ZITTI E BUONI

Natalia Gordienko - SUGAR

Albina - Tick-Tock

The chorus here is doing it for me!!! One of the best Eurovision songs this year hands down!

Eden Alene - Set Me Free

The Roop - Discoteque

Fucking. Incredible. SHUT IT DOWN, WE'RE GOING TO LITHUANIA IN 2022!!!!

Elena Tsagrinou - El Diablo

Continuing their tradition of sending a Fuego copycat. It's not great and it's not Fuego but I'm not mad at it.

Fyr & Flamme - Øve Os På Hinanden

lol it's a lot but I love it.

The Netherlands
Jeangu Macrooy - Birth Of A New Age

This is how you do an inspirational song correctly without making it too cheesy that it hurts.

(a.k.a. The Flop Countries a.k.a Sorry Babes, I Just Don't See It Happening For You)

Albania: Anxhela Peristeri - Karma (Semi-Final 2)

Australia: Montaigne - Technicolour (Semi-Final 1)

Austria: Vincent Bueno - Amen (Semi-Final 2 - The Jury will LOVE this shit)

Belgium: Hooverphonic - The Wrong Place (Semi-Final 1)

Bulgaria: VICTORIA - Growing Up is Getting Old (Semi-Final 2)

Czech Republic: Benny Cristo - omaga (Semi-Final 2 - This could have potential if the staging/live performance is fun/good. Not a winner, but could be an underdog Top 10 finish for sure!)

Estonia: Uku Suviste - The Lucky One (Semi-Final 2)

Finland: Blind Channel - Dark Side (Semi-Final 2 - Emo Nu Metal? Finland, sweetie, what happend to you? Are you okay? I'm here for you if you need to talk <3)

France: Barbara Pravi - Voilà (Automatic Final - Bait. Jury Bait)

Germany: Jendrik - I Don't Feel Hate (Automatic Final - oof, 2020 was really your year. Oh well. It's not meant to happen for you this year and likely not any time soon given your recent Eurovision track record, sorry Germany!)

Greece: Stefania – LAST DANCE (Semi-Final 2 - Dua Lipa, but Greek! It's not bad but it's forgettable)

Ireland: Lesley Roy - Maps (Semi-Final 1 - Just send Jedward again, fuck)

Latvia: Samanta Tina - The Moon is Rising (Semi-Final 2 - I didn't think doing too much was possible at Eurovision but...welp...)

North Macedonia: Vasil - Here I Stand (Semi-Final 1 - *eye roll*)

Norway: TIX - Fallen Angel (Semi-Final 1 - Are you guys trolling? You guys are going to introduce us to the art of the joik and then snatch it away and give us this...??? Rude)

Poland: RAFAŁ - The Ride (Semi-Final 2 - Soooo close! A different singer and a little more work on this and it could have been great!)

Portugal: The Black Mamba - Love Is On My Side (Semi-Final 2)

Romania: ROXEN - Amnesia (Semi-Final 1)

Russia: Manizha - Russian Woman (Semi-Final 1)

Serbia: Hurricane - LOCO LOCO (Semi-Final 2 - Honestly, it's pretty fun but I don't see it going that far. The '80s are really a theme this year!)

Slovenia: Ana Soklič - Amen - Slovenia (Semi-Final 1)

Spain: Blas Cantó - Voy A Quedarme (Automatic Final)

Switzerland: Gjon's Tears - Tout l’Univers (Semi-Final 2 - I actually kind of like this but I feel like he won't be able to pull it off live)

United Kingdom: James Newman - Embers (Automatic Final)

(a.k.a. The Countries That Haven't Posted Yet a.k.a. The Hurry The Fuck Up, I'm Not Waiting For You Countries!)

Azerbaijan: Efendi will participate but her song has not been announced.

Georgia: Tornike Kipiani will participate with a song called "You". The full song has not been uploaded to YouTube as far as I can tell but the teaser sounds boring so my search stopped there.

Iceland: Daði og Gagnamagnið will participate with their song "10 Years". This is the same group that was supposed to compete last year. The song will probably be good/fun and is supposed to be released soon (as in some time today but it's not up now and I've moved on).

Malta: Destiny, who was meant to compete last year with her song "All My Love", and has a great voice, will release her song on March 15, 2021. If it's similar to last year's song, it will probably be a jury, and possibly audience, favourite.

Sweden: The Swedish representative and song will be announced sometime today, but somehow they've already secured 12 points from multiple countries' juries!


Belarus is facing DISQUALIFICATION because their song is incredibly problematic and political (in a bad way) and the EBU said - "ummm, how about NO!? Fix it or fuck off!"

(a.k.a The We'll Miss You Anyway Countries!)

Andorra, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Luxembourg, Monaco, Montenegro, Slovakia, Turkey.

Fight me in the comments, Europeans.

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