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The View: Eddie Murphy, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Royal Mess Continues

QEII released a concerned-face statement. Joy jokes that QEII didn’t listen to her, she should’ve strongly denounced racism. Meghan talks forever while wearing a snuggy. Sunny doesn’t feel it was enough, that this was the time to address it publicly re/Joy comments. First the palace was strong in saying they’d investigate Meghan bullying rumors, but they were weak sauce on the interview claims. Whoopi wonders how connected everyone was.

Hot Topic Piers Morgan is Deranged

Meghan Markle has been living rent free in Piers Morgan’s head for years. He got called out yesterday, stormed off, was told to apologize, resign, or be fired. Basically a rehash of yesterday

End of second clip, Joy brings up rumor that Harry isn’t Charles’ son, so they protect blood -but Harry’s not blood* and Whoopi’s expression had me in stitches.

*Harry is Charles son, those rumors have been debunked

Hot Topic Advice for Women in the Workplace

Joy says pursue a job even if not 100% qualified per the job requirements listed. Tells story about when she started out in comedy. Sunny talks about pay equity, women make 81c to $1 for every man. Meghan is an entitled wealthy brat and has nothing useful to say.

Hot Topic Eddie Murphy

Taped previously when Sara was present

Nice candle aura. Eddie Murphy is promoting Coming 2 America and talks about everything. His career, stand up, SNL, making the legacyquel. People dressing like C2A characters on Halloween. Being a ventriloquist as a child. His life narrative, Peter Sellers is a hero of his. Sunny gushes how spectacular he is. Talks about the og CtoA being groundbreaking, mostly Black cast celebrating Black excellence. Says the themes are universal and made it accessible to everyone. Eddie and his daughter Bella are on the cover of Esquire. He talks about her getting started in acting. He’s so proud of her lol, cute. Says that his career plan was to do Dolemite, SNL, C2A, then hit the road after he reminded people he was funny – after a choice to not doing anything for several years. He was hit by Razzies. He jokes, but the Razzies are ridiculous and meanspirited.

Plays clip haahahaha. Talks more about his return to SNL, won his first Emmy. Started on SNL when he was 19. Talks more about his childhood and career and song Party All the Time produced by Rick James. It went viral again and landed on iTunes. Worked on a different song with Snoop Dogg. Shows photos of Black celebrities dressing up as his characters. Says his children are his legacy, shows another photo.

Ontd do you like to handle things privately or go scorched earth publicly?

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