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Meet Måneskin, Italy's entry for next Eurovision

Italian band Måneskin won Sanremo's Festival, this means that they will be representing Italy at next Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with song "Zitti e buoni".
I really love them because they make a genre of music that does not have much representation in italian music, I love Damiano's voice and they are really, really young and so talented, I thought to introduce them here

Måneskin (danish for 'moonshine') is composed by vocalist Damiano David (21), bassist Victoria De Angelis (20), guitarist Thomas Raggi (19), and drummer Ethan Torchio (20). Victoria is half danish, that's why they chose a danish word for the band's name
The band's member all are very young and met in high school in Rome. They became famous in 2017, when they placed second at italian's "X-Factor 11". Back then the lead singer was 18 and all the other members were underage

They have released 2 albums, 2017's "Chosen" (with their X Factor Covers and their single "Chosen") and 2018's "Il ballo della vita", their third album "Teatro d'ira: Vol. 1" will be out at the end of march

This is the first live performance of "Zitti e Buoni" from Sanremo

Their audition with their song "Chosen", which became then their first single

Kiss this (The Struts), they got a shout out on twitter from Struts' account for this performance, in which Damiano showed that the can sing while dancing in heels and on a pole

Their second single, "Morirò da re"

One of their singles, "Torna a Casa"

One of their english singles, "Fear for Nobody"

Their latest single, "Vent'anni", this is the live esibition at 2020's X Factor

Their Cover of italian's classic song "Amandoti" from this week at Sanremo with their X Factor mentor Manuel Agnelli

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